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  1. Alternative form of -athon
    • 2005, Frank A. DeFilippo, Hooked, page 72:
      The only discernable connection was the Block, each one of them feeding off the trough for his own peculiar need, strange bedfellows bouncing on the same sheets in a cosmic fuck-a-thon that, if televised, would raise [...] money [...]
    • 2010, Bernice Bright Dickey, My #1 Is Still My #1!, page 92:
      I need him here to have our back to school love-a-thon.

Usage notes[edit]

  • While the suffix -athon may or may not be set off by a hyphen (both dance-athon and danceathon can be found), -a-thon is always set off by a hyphen: one sees dance-a-thon, not *dancea-thon.