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  1. nominative feminine singular of -culus
  2. nominative neuter plural of -culus
  3. accusative neuter plural of -culus
  4. vocative feminine singular of -culus
  5. vocative neuter plural of -culus


  1. ablative feminine singular of -culus

Usage notes[edit]

  • acia (thread, yarn) + ‎-cula → ‎acicula (hairpin, hatpin)
  • āctiō (action) + ‎-cula → ‎actiuncula (stem action-)
  • aedis (temple, shrine; room) + ‎-cula → ‎aedicula (small temple, chapel; small house, room)
  • anas (duck) + ‎-cula → ‎anaticula (stem anat-)
  • auris (ear) + ‎-cula → ‎auricula (external part of the ear; ear-lap)
  • canis (dog) + ‎-cula → ‎canīcula (little dog; dogfish, shark)
  • virgō (maid, maiden, virgin) + ‎-cula → ‎virguncula (stem virgin-)