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Formed in the Old Hungarian era either from -d (frequentative suffix) + -elem (noun-forming suffix), or from -del (frequentative suffix) + -em (noun-forming suffix).[1]


  • IPA(key): [dɛlɛm]
  • Hyphenation: de‧lem



  1. (noun-forming suffix) Added to a verb or a noun to form an abstract noun.

Usage notes[edit]

  • (noun-forming suffix) Harmonic variants:
    -dalom is added to back vowel words
    -delem is added to front vowel words
    -adalom same as -dalom with a linking vowel
    -odalom same as -dalom with a linking vowel
    -edelem same as -delem with a linking vowel


In some of the declined forms -delem will change to -delm.

Inflection (stem in -e-, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative -delem -delmek
accusative -delmet -delmeket
dative -delemnek -delmeknek
instrumental -delemmel -delmekkel
causal-final -delemért -delmekért
translative -delemmé -delmekké
terminative -delemig -delmekig
essive-formal -delemként -delmekként
inessive -delemben -delmekben
superessive -delmen -delmeken
adessive -delemnél -delmeknél
illative -delembe -delmekbe
sublative -delemre -delmekre
allative -delemhez -delmekhez
elative -delemből -delmekből
delative -delemről -delmekről
ablative -delemtől -delmektől
Possessive forms of -delem
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. -delmem -delmeim
2nd person sing. -delmed -delmeid
3rd person sing. -delme -delmei
1st person plural -delmünk -delmeink
2nd person plural -delmetek -delmeitek
3rd person plural -delmük -delmeik

Derived terms[edit]

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