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-pa +‎ -s


-pas (front vowel harmony variant -päs, linguistic notation -pAs) (enclitic particle)

  1. Used to stress a contradicting or surprising element in a sentence. Can be attached to all words. No clear translation into English.
    Sinä et tiedä mitään historiasta! - Tiedänpäs!
    You know nothing about history! - Yes I do!
    Et ole kyllin vanha. – Olenpas!
    You're not old enough. - I am, too!
    Jopas jotakin!
    That's quite something!
    Hän yritti taivutella minua, mutta minäpäs en antanut periksi.
    He tried to persuade me, but I [emphasis] did not give up.
  2. When added to the imperative verb, makes the command softer. No clear translation into English.
    Katsopas tuonne!
    Well look at there!
    Äläpäs naura minulle!
    Don't you laugh at me!
    Olepas nyt hetki hiljaa!
    Please be quiet for a moment!





  1. also, too
    Qamtapas khuyanim.
    I love you as well.
    Chay warmim tusuchkanpas takichkanpas.
    That woman is dancing and singing.
    Paypas ñuqapas risaqku.
    He and I will go.

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