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-pa +‎ -s


-pas (front vowel harmony variant -päs)

  1. Used to stress a contradicting or surprising element in a sentence. Can be attached to all words. No clear translation into English.
    Sinä et tiedä mitään historiasta! - Tiedänpäs!
    You know nothing about history! - Yes I do!
    Et ole kyllin vanha. – Olenpas!
    You're not old enough. - I am, too!
    Jopas jotakin!
    That's quite something!
    Hän yritti taivutella minua, mutta minäpäs en antanut periksi.
    He tried to persuade me, but I [emphasis] did not give up.





  1. also, too
    Qamtapas khuyanim.
    I love you as well.
    Chay warmim tusuchkanpas takichkanpas.
    That woman is dancing and singing.
    Paypas ñuqapas risaqku.
    He and I will go.

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