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From Proto-Finnic *-ssa, from earlier *-s-na, from *-s- (internal locative infix, of uncertain origin but possibly from the lative ending *-s (traditionally held theory), from Proto-Uralic *sɜ or a contraction of Proto-Uralic *sekä (inside, interior)[1]) + *-na (locative case suffix). Cognate with Erzya -со (-so), -сэ (-se).


-ssa (front vowel harmony variant -ssä)

  1. The marker of inessive case; in, inside
    talo > talossa sg, taloissa pl
    metsä > metsässä sg, metsissä pl
    1. covered in
      Ja nyt putket ovat tyystin öljyssä.
      And now the pipes are covered in oil, through and through.
      Peruna on aivan iduissa.
      The potato is totally covered in sprouts.


  1. ^ Ylikoski, Jussi. The origins of the western Uralic s-cases revisited: historiographical, functional-typological and Samoyedic perspectives. FUF 63: 6–78 (2016)



-ssa (v-v?, truncative?)

  1. Marks the future tense.
    • 1992, "[timarit.is/view_page_init.jsp?issId=269791&pageId=3833037&lang=da Usuni kipigaa]", Atuagagdliutit
      Nammineq tissassarluni inersinnaannginnerluni anisuualu qanoq ililluni anisassava?
      I wonder if he will be unable to stimulate himself to an orgasm, and how will the semen leave?
  2. Marks logical necessity.

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