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See also: tama, tamā, täma, tämä, tämā, and ťåmă



From Proto-Finnic *-ttadak. Cognate with Finnish -ttaa.


-tama (da-infinitive -tada)

  1. Forms causative verbs. It can be translated as "to cause to" or "to make". This usually transforms an intransitive verb into a transitive one.
    sündima (to be born), therefore sünnitama (to give birth (to cause to be born))
    kasvama (to grow), therefore kasvatama (to raise (to cause to grow))
  2. Forms various verbs from nouns
    sõit (a drive)sõidutama (to drive (someone) (frequently))
    käru (wheelbarrow)kärutama (to wheel, to carry by wheelbarrow)
    kasu (profit)kasutama (to use)


Derived terms[edit]