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From the partitive singular of toinen (second), by ellipsis of the phrase toista kymmentä (literally of the second decade), referring to the second ten of numbers (11–19). yksitoista, for example, originally was yksi toista kymmentä (literally one of/into the second decade), as the first "decade" (first ten numbers) were already counted. This system used to be used more widely, but is now only used for 11 to 19, possibly by influence from the Germanic languages where those numerals too get special names, while numbers beyond 19 are more formulaic.


  • IPA(key): /-ˌtoi̯stɑ/, [-ˌt̪o̞i̯s̠tɑ̝]
  • Rhymes: -oistɑ
  • Syllabification(key): tois‧ta



  1. -teen (suffix which forms numbers 11 to 19)


Not inflected. In numbers from 11 to 19 the stem is inflected instead, see entries for those numerals.

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