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Classical Nahuatl[edit]




  1. (added to nouns) -ness, -ity, -hood, -ship, -ism, -ry; forms abstract nouns.
    tahtli (father)tahyōtl (paternity, fatherhood)
    tepitōn (something small)tepitōnyōtl (smallness)
    tōltēcatl (artisan)tōltēcayōtl (artisanry)
  2. (added to nouns) forms concrete nouns with senses extended from the original.
    ācatl (cane)ācayōtl (piping)
    iztatl (salt)iztayōtl (brine)
    yāōtl (enemy)yāōyōtl (war, warfare)

Usage notes[edit]

This particle undergoes progressive assimilation (where a consonantal sound assimilates into the one that precedes it) in certain situations:

Derived terms[edit]


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