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2-4-2 (plural 2-4-2s)

  1. Under the Whyte notation system, a steam locomotive that has two leading wheels arranged in a leading truck, four coupled driving wheels and two trailing wheels in a trailing truck.
    • 2005, Jim Harter, World Railways of the Nineteenth Century: A Pictorial History in Victorian Engravings, page 76:
      In 1889 a severe passenger train wreck occurred near Dijon, when a 2-4-2 engine derailed while going full speed downhill.
    • 2003, Robert H. Schleicher, Modern Lionel Trains, page 48:
      Lionel's first tinplate reproduction of a standard Gauge locomotive was a black 2-4-2 steam engine with three red passenger cars.
    • 1962, Geoffrey Freeman Allen, Trains Illustrated Annual, page 25:
      Returning in the works staff train to Kingsbridge behind 2-4-2 tank No. 41, we proceeded to Broadstone, former headquarters of the M.G.W.R.
    • 1952, Cuthbert Hamilton Ellis, The Beauty of Old Trains, page 117:
      The 2-4-2 tank engines of the Great Eastern and the London and North Western were simply adaptations of 2-4-0 main-line engines; the 0-4-4 tank engine owed its parentage to the archaic 0-4-2 mixed traffic.

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