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Etymology 1[edit]

From 360° of rotation.


360 (plural 360s)

  1. A single spin which results in the original orientation.
    The road was wet and my car did a 360, freaking me out.
    The basketball player did a 360 and dunked.
  2. (business) An instance of 360 degree feedback.
    • 2013, Matt Blumberg, Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business:
      As your organization grows, performing live 360s for every employee obviously won't be feasible. At Return Path, live 360s are limited to VP-level team members and above.
  3. (proscribed) A complete change of direction or opinion.
    • 1992 July 30, Scott Adams, Dilbert[1] (comic), archived from the original on 22 February 2023:
      No thanks. I used to be clueless but I turned that situation around 360 degrees.
    • 2017, New York Times, ‘You Focus on the Good’: Women Who Voted for Trump, in Their Own Words:
      In the past, her stance on abortion was more the way I feel, just for the first trimester, then she did a 360.
    • 2022, “Former NHL star Tom McCarthy went to prison then turned his life around”, in The Globe and Mail:
      “He totally did a 360 [degree turn] from his younger years,” said Steve Black, a long-time friend.
    • 2022, Washington Monthly, Great Britain’s Conservatives Are Screwing Up The Economy:
      Following a political backlash among her strongest supporters, Truss did a 360° and scrapped the tax cut idea.
Usage notes[edit]
  • Taken literally, a "360" would mean ending up in the same orientation after turning in a complete circle (no change at all), but sometimes "360" is used as meaningless intensifier with the implication of "complete".
Coordinate terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

Clipping of Xbox 360, a trademark.


360 (plural 360s)

  1. (video games) A Microsoft Xbox 360, a video game console.