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====Derived terms====
====Derived terms====
* {{l|lv|ķīmiķis}}, {{l|lv|ķīmiķe}}
* {{l|lv|ķīmiķis}}, {{l|lv|ķīmiķe}}
* {{l|lv||ķīmisks}}
* {{l|lv|ķīmisks}}

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Via other European languages, ultimately from Latin alchimista, from Arabic الكيمياء (al-kīmiya’), from article ال- (al-) + Ancient Greek χυμεία (khumeía, art of alloying metals).


ķīmija f (4th declension)

  1. chemistry (science that studies the composition, properties, structure and changes of substances)
    analītiskā ķīmija — analytical chemistry
    teorētiskā ķīmija — theoretical chemistry
    neorganiskā ķīmija — inorganic chemistry
    organiskā ķīmija — organic chemistry
    fizikālā ķīmija — physical chemistry
    ķīmijas laboratorijachemistry laboratory
    ķīmijas institūtschemistry institute
  2. chemistry (the corresponding school subject)
    ķīmijas klasechemistry class
    ķīmijas stundachemistry lesson
  3. Lua error in Module:labels/templates at line 32: The parameter "lang" is required. chemistry (practical use of the laws and discoveries of this science)
    lauksaimniecības ķīmija — agricultural chemistry
    mašīnbūves ķīmijachemical engineering


Derived terms