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{{cite-book|last1=Alford|first1=Margaret|authorlink1=Margaret Alford|last2=Bailey|first2=Cyril|last3=Barrow|first3=Reginald Haynes|last4=Brink|first4=Charles Oscar|authorlink4=Charles Brink|last5=Browning|first5=David Clayton|last6=Bryan-Brown|first6=A.N.|last7=Chadwick|first7=John|authorlink7=John Chadwick|last8=Craig|first8=J.D.|last9=Edwards|first9=W.M.|last10=Glare|first10=P.G.W.|last11=Howard|first11=C.L.|last12=Lee|first12=G.M.|last13=Palmer|first13=R.C.|last14=Parker|first14=E.A.|last15=Slater|first15=B.V.|last16=Souter|first16=Alexander|authorlink16=Alexander Souter|last17=Trenkner|first17=Sophie|last18=Turton|first18=Godfrey Edmund|last19=Wyllie|first19=J.M.|entry={{lang|la|{{{2}}}}}|title=Oxford Latin Dictionary|location=Oxford|publisher=At the Clarendon Press|year={{#switch:{{{1}}}|1=1968–82|2=2012}}|edition={{{1}}}|page={{#if:{{{3|}}}|{{{3}}}}}|pages={{#if:{{{pp|}}}|{{{pp}}}}}}}<noinclude>
“{{lang|la|{{{2}}}}}” on {{#if:{{{pp|}}}|pages {{{pp}}}|page {{{3}}}}} of the ''[[w:Oxford Latin Dictionary|Oxford Latin Dictionary]]'' {{#switch:{{{1}}}|1=(1st ed., 1968–82)|2=(2nd ed., 2012)}}<noinclude>

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{{{2}}}”, in Oxford Latin Dictionary, {{{1}}} edition, Oxford: At the Clarendon Press, (Please provide a date or year)

This template cites the Oxford Latin Dictionary (OLD), specifying the edition, page, and entry cited. Standard usage places this template in a Wiktionary entry’s References section, preceded by a bullet (generated by a line-initial asterisk: *).


This template has three positional parameters and one named parameter. Parameters 1 and 2 must be specified; additionally, either positional parameter 3 or the named parameter pp must also be specified. The parameters are:

  • |1=
    Edition number — The only valid specifications for this parameter are 1 and 2; the former generates the text “(1st ed., 1968–82)” at the end of the citation, the latter “(2nd ed., 2012)”.
  • |2=
    Entry title — This is the headword as it occurs on the pages of the OLD; it is often the same as the Wiktionary PAGENAME, but may differ from it by the presence of macra (e.g. Lārentālia), parentheses (e.g. p(h)thisicus), or a comma (e.g. Z, z), or by using a variant spelling (e.g. Ceriālia).
  • |3=
    Page number — Specify this parameter iff the entry is listed wholly on one page; iff the entry is split across two or more pages, specify the page range using the named parameter pp instead. If the entry’s listing is restricted to one column of a page, that column number may be specified using the format [page №]/[column №]; for example, the listing of the first-edition OLD entry for Lemūria is restricted to the centre column of page 1,015 – this can be represented by specifying positional parameter 3 as 1,015/2.
  • |4=
    Page range — Specify this parameter iff the entry is split across two or more pages; iff the entry is listed wholly on one page, specify the page number using positional parameter 3 instead. A page range is specified using the format [start page]–[end page]; that is, the number of the page on which the entry begins, followed by an en dash, and then followed by the number of the page on which the entry ends (without spaces).


* {{R:OLD|1|Ceriālia|302/1}} =

* {{R:OLD|1|Lārentālia|1,002/3}} =

* {{R:OLD|1|Lemūria|1,015/2}} =

* {{R:OLD|1|p(h)thisicus|1,376/2}} =

* {{R:OLD|1|poppyzōn|1,403/3}} =

* {{R:OLD|1|Z, z|2,125/1}} =