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The relative size of A1 paper.


  • (paper size): Specified in ISO 216.



  1. (international standards) ISO 216 standard paper size of 594 mm × 841 mm (23.39 in × 33.11 in), with a surface area of 0.5 m2 (5.38 sq ft).
  2. (finance) Long-term bond credit rating by Moody's Investors Service, indicating that a bond is upper-medium grade with low risk of default.

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Etymology 1[edit]

From various rating systems, as that of Lloyd's of London or the condition of insured ships. First attested in 1837.

Alternative forms[edit]


A1 (not comparable)

  1. (informal) In good health.
  2. (informal) In excellent or top condition.
  3. (of a ship) First-class. (Compare A 2 and A 3, which are inferior grades.)

Etymology 2[edit]


A1 (plural A1s)

  1. Under the International Union of Railways ("UIC") classification system, a steam locomotive that has two coupled driving wheels followed by two trailing wheels, with no leading wheels; also called an 0-2-2.


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See the Wikipedia article ISO 216, the international standard on paper sizes.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɑːeːn/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -eːn
  • Hyphenation: A‧1


A1 (uncountable)

  1. A1 (a standard paper size, defined by ISO 216)

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