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Proper noun[edit]


  1. Abbreviation of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae.



Etymology 1[edit]


APP (plural APPs)

  1. (nonstandard, common in China) Alternative form of app
    • 2014, “World Cup to live on APP in China”, in Xinhua[1]:
      World Cup to live on APP in China
      China's Central Television, jointly with the digital firm of Ali Cloud, Tuesday released the unique APP product that is authorized to broadcast the World Cup live. Besides TV and web, APP on mobile devices has become the 3rd platform to watch the tournament live.
    • 2017, Renée Salmonsen, “The Dalai Lama launches free APP”, in Taiwan News[2]:
      The Dalai Lama launches free APP
    • 2018, “China to foster 300,000 industrial Internet APPs by 2020, ministry”, in Xinhua[3]:
      China to foster 300,000 industrial Internet APPs by 2020, ministry
      China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has recently released a plan to foster 300,000 industrial Internet APPs for specific industries and specific scenarios by 2020, meeting key demands in the key links of the manufacturing industry, including R&D and design, manufacturing, operations, maintenance and operations management.
Usage notes[edit]

This abbreviation is commonly code-mixed into the various Chinese languages spoken in Mainland China and nearby regions, where it is not pronounced as a single syllable but is instead pronounced letter by letter (/eɪ-pi-pi/) in the manner that acronyms are normally read in English, as is typical of short English words code-mixed into Chinese.

Etymology 2[edit]



APP (countable and uncountable, plural APPs)

  1. (countable, biochemistry, immunology) Initialism of acute-phase protein.
  2. (countable, biochemistry, medicine) Initialism of amyloid precursor protein.
  3. (uncountable) Initialism of ammonium polyphosphate.




Borrowed from English app.


In mainland China, it is pronounced ēipīpī (letter by letter, A-P-P). Some speakers may pronounce it like English app (IPA(key): /æp/).



  1. (computing, mobile telephony, Mainland China) app (Classifier: ; )
    Synonym: 應用应用 (yìngyòng)
Usage notes[edit]

Chinese language users often consider 'APP' and other phrases which are written only in letters from the Roman alphabet and not rendered into Chinese characters to be English language words rather than loan words.