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Adam-teasing (uncountable)

  1. (India, rare) The sexual harassment of men by women.
    • 2002, Lonely Planet Publications, Delhi, 3rd edition, page 52
      There may even be a report on 'Eve-teasing' (sexual harrassment of women), but nothing on Adam-teasing.
    • 2006, Prabhaker Acharya, The Suragi Tree, page 208:
      They ignored men outside the premises of the school, but within its protective precincts they indulged in a bit of Adam-teasing.
    • 2010, Khushwant Singh, City Improbable, page 239:
      Hardly surprising, then, that the first time I witnessed 'Adam teasing' , I nearly whooped with joy. There, trundling along Aurobindo Marg, came an autorickshaw packed with the loudest, most outrageous women I'd ever seen. [] The auto careened to a stop and out they spilled, surrounding some poor hapless chap, wiggling their hips at him, pinching his bum, their eyes flashing, tossing their proud manes, daring him to flirt back.