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African lily (Agapanthus umbellatus), illustration from William Curtis (editor), Curtis's Botanical Magazine


African lily (plural African lilies)

  1. Any of certain flowering plants of the genus Agapanthus, especially Agapanthus umbellatus.
    • 1828, Thomas Ignatius M. Forster, Circle of the Seasons, and Perpetual Key to the Calendar and Almanack[1], page 204:
      African Lily Agapanthus umbellatus full fl.
      The African Lily is a beautiful blue umbelled liliaceous flower, having long contorted roots, and blowing in July.
    • 2003, Beth Moore, A Woman and Her God[2], page 215:
      As Gene and I began to really look at our backyard, we discovered tall, magnificent lilac-colored African lilies, and, to my surprise, our yard displayed its own vibrant orange, white, and blue birds of paradise.
    • 2010, Avionne Anthony, The Witness[3], page 146:
      But not just ordinary roses or tulips, she had majestic African lilies and exotic oriental orchids.


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