Andean cat

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An Andean cat
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Andean cat (plural Andean cats)

  1. A species of cat, Leopardus jacobitus, that lives in the Andes.
    • 2008, Mark Carwardine, Animal Records[1], page 44:
      The Andean cat (Leopardus jacobitus) is rarely found below 3000 m (9840 ft) and, in Peru at least, is known to range up to at least 5100 m (16,728 ft).
    • 2010, Anja Mutic, Kate Armstrong, Paul Smith, Bolivia, Lonely Planet, page 50,
      Other precious wild highland species include foxes and tarukas (Andean deer), the mysterious Andean cat and the titi monkey.
    • 2013, Rob White, 15: Eco-global criminology and the political economy of environmental harm, Nigel South, Avi Brisman (editors), Routledge International Handbook of Green Criminology, page 253,
      For example, the native woodlands demolished for cash crops such as GMO soybeans in Argentina have a major impact on the habitats of animals such as pumas, jaguars, Andean cats and tapirs, which cannot live outside this particular ecosystem (Robin 2010: 271).