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Czech has four classes of regular verbs:

First class[edit]

The first class of verbs end in -at or -át and are conjugated like this:


Second class[edit]

The second class of verbs end in -ovat, -ýt or -ít.


Third class[edit]

The third class of verbs end in -it, -et or -ět such as:


Present Singular Present Plural Past Singular Past Plural
1st person prosím prosíme prosil jsem, prosila jsem prosili jsme, prosily jsme
2nd person prosíš prosíte prosil jsi, prosila jsi prosili jste, prosily jste
3rd person prosí prosí prosil, prosila, prosilo prosili, prosily

Fourth class[edit]

The fourth class of verbs end in -out or -ci such as:


Present Singular Present Plural
1st person peču pečeme
2nd person pečeš pečete
3rd person peče pečou

Irregular verbs[edit]

Exceptions include words like mít (to have) and být (to be)

Further reading[edit]

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