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maacle macadam MacArthur and Forest cyanide process macedonite maceral macfarlanite macgovernite machine boss machine cut machine-cutter helper machined machine design machine driller machine helper machine holings machine loader machine loader helper machineman machineman helper machine miner machine mines machine mining machine nog machine operator machine rating machine runner machine screw machine set machine sumper machine tool machine wall machinist mackintoshite Mac-Lane system macle Maclean separator macled macro- macro-axis macrocrystalline macrodiagonal macrodome macroetch macrograph macromeritic macroporosity macroscopic macrostructure maculose maculose rock Madagascar aquamarine Madaras system made ground Madeira topaz made up madogram madrepore marble maenite mafelsic mafic mafic front mafite magazine maghemite magistral magma magmatic magmatic assimilation magmatic blister magmatic corrosion magmatic cycle magmatic deposit magmatic differentiation magmatic disseminated ore deposit magmatic dissolution magmatic injection deposit magmatic ore deposit magmatic segregation magmatic stoping magmatic water magmatist Magnafloat Magnedisc magnesia magnesia alum magnesia covering magnesia glass magnesia mica magnesian hornfels magnesian limestone magnesian marble magnesian schist magnesian spar magnesia ramming materials magnesiochromite magnesioferrite magnesiolaumontite magnesite magnesite cement magnesite refractory magnesium magnesium aluminate magnesium-aluminum garnet magnesium bentonite magnesium blodite magnesium carbonate magnesium chalcanthite magnesium-chlorophoenicite magnesium front magnesium kaolinite magnesium leonite magnesium mica magnesium minerals magnesium orthite magnesium titanate magnesium zirconate magnetic magnetic alloys magnetic anomaly magnetic azimuth magnetic bearing magnetic bort magnetic bottle magnetic circuit magnetic clutch magnetic correlation magnetic crack detection magnetic declination magnetic detector magnetic dip magnetic domain magnetic elements magnetic feeder magnetic field magnetic field strength magnetic flocculation magnetic flowmeter magnetic flux magnetic gradiometer magnetic hoist magnetic hysteresis magnetic induction magnetic intensity magnetic iron ore magnetic level coil magnetic meridian magnetic method magnetic mirror magnetic moment magnetic permeability magnetic plug magnetic polarity magnetic pole magnetic prospecting magnetic pyrite magnetic recording magnetic roasting process magnetic roll feeder magnetics magnetic separation magnetic separator magnetic storm magnetic susceptibility magnetic unit in prospecting magnetic variation magnetic variometer magnetism magnetite magnetite magnetite olivinite magnetite spinellite magnetized magnetizing force magnetizing roast magnetometer magnetoplumbite magnetorque magnetostriction magnetotelluric method magniotriplite magnochromite magnocolumbite magnoferrite magnussonite mahogany ore mailly stone main airway main-and-tail haulage main arch main bord gate main bottom main break main brow main conveyor main crosscut main drive main endings main engine main entry Maine sampler Maine-type sampler main facets main fans main firing main gate main haulage main haulage conveyor main haulageway main hole main intake main levels main-line locomotive main-line motorman main return main road main rod main roof main rope main-rope haulage system main-rope rider main-rope system main separation door mains firing main shaft mains lighting main-slope engineer maintaining levels maintenage maintenance main tie main transport main way maitlandite Majac mill major diameter major face major mine disaster major principal plane major principal stress make make gas make of water makeup makeup bunker makeup medium makeup shed makeup time makeup water making hole makings malachite malacolite malacon maldonite male thread maletra furnace malignite malinite malinowskite mall malladrite mallan mallardite malleability malleable malleable cast iron malleable mineral malleable nickel malleablizing malleate malmstone malpais maltesite maltha malthacite mammillary mammillary structure mammillated managerial organization manandonite manasseite manchado Manchurian jade mandelstone mandrel mandril Manebach law Manebach twin man engine manganandalusite manganberzeliite manganblende mangandalusite manganepidote manganese manganese-aluminum garnet manganese bronze manganese garnet manganese glance manganese-hoernesite manganese hydrate manganese minerals manganese nodules manganese ore manganese oxide manganese sicklerite manganese silicate manganese spar manganiferous iron ore manganiferous ore manganite mangan-neptunite manganocalcite manganolangbeinite manganolite manganophyllite manganosiderite manganosite manganotantalite manganpyrosmalite mangrove coast manhole manhole cover manila rope manipulated variable manipulator manless coal face manless coal mining manless face manlock man machine manmade diamond Mannheim process Manning's formula man-of-war manometer manometer calibration manometric efficiency manoscope manoscopy man-riding car man-riding conductor mansfieldite manshift Man-Ten steel alloy mantle mantle rock manto manual haulage manual takeup manual-type belt-tensioning device manual winding control manufactured gas manufactured marble manufactured sand manway map map projection marathon mill marbella marble marble handsaw marble saw Marble's reagent marcasite marcus Marcy mill mare ball marekanite margarite margarodite margarosanite marginal deposit marginal fissure marginal ore deposit marginal reserves marginal sea marginal thrust marginal trench maria glass marialite Marietta miner marine biology marine core drill marine deposit marine erosion marine geology marine humus marine invasion marine mining marine transgression mariposite maritime plants marker marker bed marker block marker formation marker horizon market pot markovnikovite marl marlite marl slate marlstone marlstone ore marly marmarization marmarosh diamond marmatite marmolite marmorization marmorosis marm stone marokite Marriner process marrow Marsaut lamp marsh buggy Marsh funnel marsh gas marshite marsh ore marsh pan martenite martensite martic Martin process martinsite martite martourite marundite mascagnite mascot emerald maser mask maskeeg maskelynite mason's hammer mass mass aqua mass copper mass density mass detonation mass diagram mass effect mass fiber mass haul diagram massicot massif massifs long massive massive bedding massive eruption massive mineral massive pluton massive rock mass movement mass number mass profile mass shooting mass spectra mass spectrometer mass unit weight mass-wasting mast master alloy master hauler master joint master lode master pin mastershifter master station mat match materials flowsheet materials handling materials lock Mathewson's device matildite matlockite mat pack matraite matrix matrix metal matrosite matte matte fall matte smelting matting mattock Matura diamond mature maturity maturity index maucherite Mawco cutter loader maximum and minimum densities maximum angle of inclination maximum belt slope maximum belt tension maximum carbon dioxide content maximum charge weight per delay maximum demand maximum density maximum dry density maximum microcline maximum operating belt tension maximum per delay maximum-pressure arch maximum-pressure gage maximum subsidence maximum unit weight Maxton screen maxwell Maxwell's rule Mayari iron mayenite mboziite McGinty mcgovernite McKelvey diagram McLuckie gas detector McNally-Carpenter centrifuge McNally-Norton jig McNally-Vissac dryer McNamara clamp M-design core barrel M-discontinuity M.E. 6 exploder meadow ore meager feel mean mean birefringence mean calorie mean depth meander meander belt meander line mean effective pressure mean radiant temperature (mrt) mean refractive index mean size mean sphere depth mean stress measured depth measured drilling depth measured resources measurement measurement of concentration measures measures head measuring chain measuring chute measuring day measuring element measuring pocket measuring tape measuring weir mechanical advantage mechanical air machine mechanical analysis mechanical classifier mechanical clay mechanical cleaning mechanical efficiency mechanical equivalent of heat mechanical extensometer mechanical flotation cell mechanical mixture mechanical properties mechanical puddler mechanical puddling mechanical rabble mechanical rammer mechanical sampling mechanical sediment mechanical set mechanical-set bit mechanical shovel mechanical stabilization mechanical weathering mechanical working mechanical yielding prop mechanics mechanization mechanization engineer mechanization scheme mechanized mechanized heading development mechanized output Meco-Moore cutter loader medfordite median diameter medical lock Medina emerald mediosilicic Mediterranean suite medium medium band medium draining screen medium-grained medium-inclined medium pressure medium-recovery screen medium-round nose medium solids medium-solids preparation medium-solids recovery medium-solids recovery plant medium-stone bit medium-thickness seam medium-volatile bituminous coal medium voltage medmontite meehanite meerschaum meet meeting meeting post mega- megabar megacycle megaphenocryst megascopic megaseismic region megaspore Megator megger Meigen's reaction meionite meizoseismal meizoseismal area meizoseismal curve mela- melaconite melanasphalt melanchyme melanellite melange melanic melanite melanocratic melanostibite melanotekite melanovanadite melanterite melatope melee melilite melilitite melinite meliphanite melle mellilite mellite mellorite mellow amber melonite melteigite melting hole melting house melting point melting pot melting shop melting zone member membrane filter membrane theory menaccanite mend mendipite mendozite meneghinite Menevian menilite meniscus men on! Menzies cone separator mephitic air mephitic gas mephitis merchant merchant iron mercurial horn ore mercury mercury gatherer mercury ore mercury switch mercury-vapor lamp mero- merocrystalline merohedral meroleims merosymmetric meroxene Merrill-Crowe process Merrill filter merrillite Merrit plate mersey yellow coal merwinite mesa Mesabi non-Bessemer ore mesa-butte Mesa Grande tourmaline mesh mesh aperture mesh fraction mesh liberation size mesh number mesh of grind mesh structure mesh texture meso- mesocratic mesocrystalline mesogene mesokaites mesolite mesomicrocline mesostasis mesothermal mesothermal deposit Mesozoic mesozone messelite mestre meta meta- meta-alunogen meta-anthracite meta-argillite meta-arkose meta-autunite metabasite metabentonite metabitumite metabolism metabolite metaborite metabrushite metachemical metamorphism metacinnabar metacinnabarite metaclase metacryst metacrystal metadiabase metadiorite metadolomite metadurit metaglyph metahalloysite metaheinrichite metahewettite metahohmannite metahydroboracite metakahlerite metakirchheimerite metal metal bath metal drift metaleucite metalimestone metalist metalized slurry blasting metallic metallic element metallic iron metallic luster metallic minerals metallic ore metalliferous metalliferous mud metallify metallites metallization metallogenetic epoch metallogenetic province metallogenic element metallogenic province metallogeny metallograph metallographic province metallography metalloid metalloidal luster metallometric surveying metallometry metallo-organic compound metallurgical balance sheet metallurgical coke metallurgical engineer metallurgical fume metallurgical smoke metallurgist metallurgy metal mining metal notch metal pickling metal powder metal stone metamarble metamic metamict metamictization metamict mineral metamontmorillonite metamorphic metamorphic aureole metamorphic deposit metamorphic differentiation metamorphic diffusion metamorphic facies metamorphic grade metamorphic overprint metamorphic rank metamorphic rock metamorphic water metamorphism metarossite metasapropel metaschoderite metaschoepite metasediment metashale metasomasis metasomatic metasomatism metasomatite metasome metasomosis metastrengite metatorbernite metatyuyamunite meta-uranocircite meta-uranopilite meta-uranospinite metavariscite metavauxite metavermiculite metavolcanic metavoltine metaxite metazeunerite meteoric iron meteoric stone meteoric water meteorite meter metering pin methane methane drainage methane monitoring system methanephone methane recorder methane removal methane tester methane tester type S.3 methanometer methenyl tribromide method of working method study methyl acetone methylene iodide metore metra metric carat Mexican diamond Mexican onyx Mexican turquoise Mexican water opal meyerhofferite meymacite miargyrite miarolite miarolithite miarolitic miarolitic cavity miascite mica micaceous micaceous iron ore micaceous sandstone mica house Micanite mica peridotite mica plate mica powder mica schist michenerite Michigan cut Michigan slip micrinite micrinoid micrite micro- microampere microaphanitic microballoon microbar microbreccia microchemical microclastic microcline microconglomerate microcosmic salt microcryptocrystalline microcrystalline microelement microfacies microfarad microfelsitic microfluidal microgeology microgranitoid microgranular micrograph micrographic microhardness microhm microite microlaterolog microlite microlith microlithotype microlitic micromanometer micromeritic micrometer micrometer caliper micrometer-reading manometer micrometrics micromillimeter micron micronized mica Micronizer micronizer mill micropegmatite microperthite micropetrological unit microphotograph microporosity microscope microscopic microscopy microsecond microsection microseism microseismic instrument microseismic movement microseismic rate microseismic region microseismometer microspar microspherulitic microstriation microstructure microstylolite microvitrain microvolt microwatt midalkalite Mid-Atlantic Ridge middle middle cut middle man middle prop middles middletonite middlings middlings elevator middoor midfeather midge midge stone midget impinger mid-ocean ridge midocean rift mid-ocean rise midworkings miemite miersite miesite migma migmatite migmatization migration migration of oil mikheevite milarite mild and tough mild earth mild steel mil-foot milk of sulfur milk-opal milky quartz mill mill bar mill car milled Miller-Bravais indices Miller indices millerite mill feeder mill furnace millgrit rock mill head mill-head grade mill-head ore mill hole milli- milliampere milliangstrom millibar millicurie-hour millidarcy millidegree millifarad milligal milligauss milligram-hour millihenry millimeter screw micrometer milling milling bit milling grade milling ore milling width milling yield millisecond millisecond delay millisecond-delay cap millisecond-delay detonator millivolt millman mill ore mill roll mill run mill sampler mill scale Mills-Crowe process mill shoe millstock millstone millstone grit mill test milltons mill value mimetene mimetesite mimetic mimetite minal minasragrite mine mine atmosphere mine bank mine cage mine captain mine car mine-car repairman mine characteristic mine characteristic curve mine circulating fan mine committee mine conveyor mine cooling load mine development mine dial mine door mine drainage mined strata mine dust mined volume mine examiner mine expert mine fan mine fan signal system mine feeder circuit mine fill mine fire mine fire truck mine foreman mine ground minehead mine head mine hoist mine hoist control mine inspector mine iron mine jeep mine lamp mine land reclamation mine locomotive mine mason mine motorman mine opening mine power center mine prop miner mineragraphy mineral mineral acre mineral adipocire mineral assessment mineral association mineral belt mineral blossom mineral bruto mineral caoutchouc mineral carbonatado mineral charcoal mineral claim mineral cleavage mineral deed mineral de fusion propia mineral deposit mineral deposit model mineral dresser mineral dressing mineral economics mineral endowment mineral engineering mineral entry mineral facies mineral fat mineral fiber mineral field mineral filler mineral fuel mineral group mineral interests mineral inventory mineralization mineralize mineralized bubble mineralizer mineralizing agent mineral land Mineral Lands and Mining mineral lease mineral occurrence mineralogical guide mineralogical phase rule mineralogist mineralography mineralogy mineraloid mineral paint mineral parting mineral pigment mineral processing mineral province mineral reserves mineral resin mineral right mineral rubber mineral salt mineral sequence mineral series mineral species mineral spring minerals separation process mineral stabilizer mineral streaking mineral tallow mineral tar mineral turquoise mineral variety mineral vein mineral water mineral wax mineral wedging mineral wool mineral zoning mine refuse mine rescue apparatus mine rescue car mine rescue crew mine rescue lamp mine resistance mine road mine roadway area measurement mine rock minerocoenology minerogenesis minerogenetic epoch minerogenetic province miners miner's bar miner's box miner's dial miner's dip needle miner's electric cap lamp miner's hammer miner's hand lamp miner's hard cap miner's helmet miner's horn miner's inch miner's inch day miner's lamp miner's lung miner's needle miners' nystagmus miners' oil miner's pan miner's pick miners' rescue party miner's right miners' rules miner's self-rescuer miner's wedge miner's weight mine run mine-run coal mine-run mica mine-safety car mine signal system mine skip mine static head mine superintendent mine surveyor mine tin mine tons mine total head mine track device mine tractor mine valuation mine velocity head mine ventilating fan mine ventilation auxiliary fan mine-ventilation fan mine-ventilation fan characteristics mine ventilation system mine water mine wireman mineworks mingled ground minguzzite miniature current meter minimum deviation minimum firing current minimum ignition energy minimum oxygen content minimum product firing temperature mining mining advancing mining camp mining captain mining case mining claim mining compass mining dial mining disaster mining disease mining district mining ditch mining engineer mining engineering mining explosive mining geology mining hazard mining head mining lease mining locomotive mining machine mining machine operator mining-machine-operator helper mining machine truck mining method mining ore from top down mining property mining purposes mining recorder mining retreating mining right mining shield mining sluice mining system mining theodolite mining title mining-type visibility meter mining under mining width minion minium minnesotaite minor element minus sieve minus sight minus station minute of arc minyulite Miocene mirabilite mire mirror plane mirror stone mischio marble mischmetal misenite miser misfire misfire hole mispickel misplaced material missed hole missed round Mississippian misy Mitchell system for underhand quarrying of panel cores miter gear mitridaite M.I.T. sampler mitscherlichite mix-crystal mixed mixed blast process mixed cements mixed crystal mixed dust mixed explosion mixed explosive mixed face mixed-feed kiln mixed-flow fan mixed-flow turbine mixed-layer mica mixed-layer mineral mixed ore mixer mixer cone mix-house person mixing mixing pit mix-in-place mixite mix-metal mixture mizzonite MM diamond moat moating mobile belt mobile conveyor mobile crane mobile drill mobile equipment mobile hoist mobile loader Mocha stone mock lead mock ore mock vermilion mode model model analysis modeler modeling clay moderate vitrain modified longwall modified room-and-pillar working modified-round nose modifier modifying agent modulating modulus of elasticity modulus of incompressibility modulus of rigidity modulus of rupture Moebius process Moe gage mofette moganite mogensenite mohavite Moho mohole Mohorovicic discontinuity Mohr balance Mohr circle Mohr-Coulomb criterion Mohr envelope Mohr's salt Mohr's theory mohsite Mohs scale moil point moissanite Moissan process moisture moisture allowance moisture content moisture-density curve moisture-density test moisture equivalent moisture-holding capacity moisture man moisture meter moisture sample mojavite molasse molasses/AN explosive mold moldavite moldboard molded cameo moldering molders' rule molding molding compound molding frame molding hole moldings mold plug mole molecular crystal molecular filter sampler molecular sieve molecule mole mining molengraafite moler molten slag moluranite molybdenite molybdenum molybdenum aluminide molybdenum anhydride molybdenum borides molybdenum carbides molybdenum disilicide molybdenum mineral molybdenum silicide molybdenum trioxide molybdic ocher molybdic oxide molybdite molybdomenite molybdophyllite moment distribution moment of force moment of inertia moment of resistance momentum momentum grade Momertz-Lintz system M.O. Mine safety indicator monad monadnock monazite monazite sand moncheite monchiquite Mond process monetite mongrel monheimite monitor monitor operator monkey monkey board monkey chock monkey drift monkey face monkey gangway monkey hair monkey heading monkey hole monkey roll monkey shaft monkey winch monkey wrench Monnier process monobasic monocable monochromatic monochromatic light monoclinal monocline monoclinic block monoclinic system monogene monogenetic monograin monolith monolithic refractory monomaceral monomineralic Monongahelan Monongahela series Mono pump monopyroxene monorail monorail crane monoschematic monotower crane monotron monotron hardness test monovalent montana Montana agate Montana ruby Montana sapphire montanite montan wax montasite Mont Blanc ruby montbrayite montebrasite Montgomery jig Montian monticellite monticule montiform montmorillonite montre montroseite montroydite monument monzonite mooihoekite moonstone moonstone glass moor moorband moorband pan Moore and Neill sampler Moore filter press Moore free corer moorland peat moorlog moor peat moose pasture mor morainal apron moraine Moran and Proctor sampler morass ore Morcol mordant mordenite morenosite morganite morgen Morisette expansion reamer Morkill's formula morlop morphological crystallography morphologic unit morphology mortar mortar bed mortar box mortar structure mortice mortification mortise morts terrains mosaic mosaic silver mosaic structure mosaic texture moschellandsbergite mosesite moss moss agate Mossfield loader moss form mossing mossite moss peat mossy zinc mother mother conveyor mother crystal mother gate Mother Hubbard bit mother liquor mother lode mother of coal mother-of-emerald mother-of-pearl mother rock motion driver motioner motion study motive column motive power motive zone motometer motor body motor boss motor brakeperson motor-change man motor driver motor hammer drill motorized grader motorman motor nipper mottle mottled iron mottled limestone mottled silica brick mottled slate mottled structure mottramite mountain brown ore mountain building mountain chain mountain cork mountain flax mountainite mountain leather mountain meal mountain milk mountain paper mountain pediment mountain railway mountain range mountain soap mountain system mountain tar mountain wood mounting mounting pipe mourite mousetrap mouth mouth of pit movable conveyor movable jaw movable ladder movable sieve-type washbox movable slip move-up moving annual total moving grizzly moya moyle M.P.F.M. jet auger MRE MSA distributor MSA methanometer MS connector mscp M-series core barrel muck muck bar muck boss mucker mucking muck iron muckle muckle hammer muck saw muck shifting muck soil mucky hole mud mud auger mud balance mud barrel mud belt mud bit mud blasting mud bucket mud cake mudcap mudcap method mudcapping mud cast mud column mud crack mudding mudding off mudflow mud gun mud hog mud-laden mud-laden fluid mudline mud log mud logging mud mixer mud pot mud pump mud ring mud rush mud scow mud snapper mud socket mudstone mudstone ratio mudstone trap mud sump mud up mud viscosity mud volcano mud wall cake muffle muffle furnace muffle kiln muffler mugearite mule mule's foot mule shoe mule skinner muleway muller mulling mullion structure mullite mullock multibucket excavator Multicut chain multideck cage multideck screen multideck sinking platform multideck table multifuse igniter multihearth furnace multijib cutter multilayer bit multilock lode multilouvre dryer multiphase multiple-arch dam multiple-bench quarrying multiple detectors multiple dike multiple-entry system multiple-expansion engine multiple fault multiple firing multiple fuse-igniter cartridge multiple geophones multiple intersections multiple intrusion multiple lines multiple openings multiple-ply plate multiple recording groups multiple ribbon belt conveyor multiple-row blasting multiple-seam mining multiple seismometers multiple series multiple shooting multiple shot multiple-shot blasting unit multiple shotholes multiple-shot instrument multiple-shot survey multiple sill multiple-speed floating control system multiple splitting multiple-strand chain multiple-strand conveyor multiple-strand rope multiple twin multiple-vent basalt multiple wedge multiplow multiplying constant multirope friction winder multishot firing multishot gyroscopic instrument multispectral scanner multistage fan multistrand rope multiwheel roller mummification mun mundic Munroe effect muon Murakami's reagent murasakite murdochite Murex process Muschamp coal miner muscovado muscovite Muscovy glass mushroom jib muskeg mussel bed Musso process mustard gold mutabilite muthmannite mutu mutual boundary texture mvb mylonite mylonite gneiss mylonitization mylonization myrickite myrmekite myrmekite antiperthite myrmekite perthite