Appendix:English terms containing w derived from Latin

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A relatively small amount of terms from Latin contain w; w is rarely used in Latin.

allow To permit. allaudare
avow To declare boldly or openly. advocare
bawl To howl (like a canine). baulare
  1. An intestine or some part of one.
  2. Deep interior of a subject or an object.
bowl A kind of ball rolled in lawn bowls. bulla.
coward One who is fearful or frightened. cauda
cowl A kind of hood or mask. cuculla
crew A member or group for something. crescere
crown See crown. corona
dow To endow. dotare
endow To furnish, bestow or enrich. in- + dotare
ewer A kind of jug or pitcher. aquarius
feverfew European aromatic perennial herb. febrifugia
flower A colourful plant. florem
gown A kind of robe, dress or garment. gunna
Hebrew See Hebrew. hebraeus
Jew See Jew. Iudaeus
jewel A precious type of stone or other object. iocus
mallow Any of a group of plants in several genera of the family Malvaceae. malva
Matthew A male given name. Matthaeus
morphew A blemish or blister. morphea
nephew Son of one’s sibling. nepotem
newel Sturdy pillar whence a staircase spirals around. nux
  1. The lowly chess piece.
  2. A footsoldier
pew A bench or compartment in a church. podia
pillow Cushion for a head. pulvinus
powder Particles from a dry substance. pulvis
power See power. potere
  1. A fore part of a vessel.
  2. Brave, gallant or vigilant.
prora; prode
review See review. revidere
screw See screw. scrofa
Selwyn A surname or male given name. Silvanus
  1. A place where waste is disposed of.
  2. A servant that attends to a meal.
exaquaria; assidere
spawn See spawn. expandere
transmew To change or transmute transmutare
trowel A kind of tool utilised in gardening or masonry. truella
view See view. videre
vow A solemn promise or assertion to perform a process. votum
vowel A phoneme that is not a consonant or a letter with such a phoneme. vocalis
warrior combatant guerra