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Phonetic alphabet[edit]

According to DIN 5009, which is valid for Germany, the following German names and words are assigned to letters of the alphabet for clearer enunciation on the telephone. Both historic versions, and versions for Austria and Switzerland, differ significantly. For more details, see Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Buchstabiertafel on the German WikipediaWikipedia de, and the Buchstabieralphabet on the German Wiktionary.

  • A – Anton ([aː] wie [ˈantoːn])
  • Ä – Ärger ([ɛː] wie [ˈɛʁɡɐ])
  • B – Berta
  • C – Cäsar ([ʦeː] wie [ˈʦɛːzaʁ])
  • Ch – Charlotte ([tseːˈhaː] wie [ʃaʁˈlɔtə] (sic!))
  • D – Dora
  • E – Emil
  • F – Friedrich
  • G – Gustav
  • H – Heinrich
  • I – Ida
  • J – Julius
  • K – Kaufmann (Sometimes "Kurfürst" is used, which stems from a historic version. Note: "Konrad" can be spelled with C or K. The Austrian version does use "Konrad" which thus might lead to errors.)
  • L – Ludwig
  • M – Martha
  • N – Nordpol
  • O – Otto
  • Ö – Ökonom
  • P – Paula
  • Q – Quelle
  • R – Richard
  • S – Samuel (Often "Siegfried" is used, which stems from a historic version.)
  • Sch – Schule ([ˈɛsˈtseːˈhaː] wie [ˈʃuːlə])
  • ẞ - Eszett ([ɛsˈʦɛt]; "scharfes S", as used in the Austrian version, may be more advisable as it is a name more commonly used for "ẞ".)
  • T – Theodor
  • U – Ulrich
  • Ü – Übermut
  • V – Viktor [[faʊ̯] wie [ˈvɪktoɐ̯] (sic!))
  • W – Wilhelm
  • X – Xanthippe (Sometimes "Xaver" is used, which stems from Austrian and Swiss versions.)
  • Y – Ypsilon
  • Z – Zacharias (Sometimes "Zeppelin" is used, which stems from a historic version.)

When reading the complete phonetic alphabet from A to Z for practice, umlauts, "ch", "sch", and "ẞ" are often omitted and "wie" is inserted between a letter and the corresponding name, i.e., "A wie Anton, B wie Berta, C wie Cäsar, etc."

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