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Boston slang consists of words and phrases of slang originating from and commonly used in Boston, Massachusetts. Though most often used in Boston, the slang can also be heard in other cities of Massachusetts or even other New England states, though not always as frequently. Some terms are less commonly heard outside of the Boston area than others; some are not used at all outside of Boston.

Slang terms[edit]


  • "A-town" - Arlington, Ma
  • "Olly-Olly Oxenfree"- A proclamation to players of "Tag" or "Hide-n-Seek", that they may return to a common area free of consequence as it may pertain to the game being
  • the Ave - refers to Dorchester Avenue, or "Dot Ave"


  • "that's beat"- that sucks. "she's beat"- shes's ugly
  • "she's basic"- she's not that pretty or nothing special.
  • The B's - Reference to the Boston Bruins. The Bruins AHL affiliate from Providence are referred to as the Baby B's.
  • bagged - arrested; "He got bagged for a DUI."; (Driving Under the Influence)
  • the balls - awesome, great; "That concert was the balls."
  • bang - to make a quick move (often, "bang a left"; also used often as "bang a U-ie" - make a U turn); sometimes used interchangeably with hang
  • bang out - call in sick to work (It's such a nice day, maybe I should bang out and go to the beach.)
  • barney - a Harvard student or graduate (used by working class residents of Somerville), apparently in reference to trolley barns near the university.
  • barrel - a trash can.
  • The Basement - Filene's Basement, a department store in Downtown Crossing.
  • Beacon Hill - the Massachusetts government, particularly the State legislature
  • Beantown - Boston (never used by Bostonians)
  • Benny Hill Community College -Refers to Bunker Hill Community College located in Charlestown, MA
  • Biddy - nickname for a cheap looking girl
  • Big Dig - the Central Artery Tunnel Project
  • Big Pig - The cost of the Central Artery Tunnel Project approximately 15 billion dollars
  • Boogietown - Derogatory term for the city of Brockton, in reference to its large minority population. Also called Browntown. Boogie down to Browntown.
  • booted - 1. To be ejected or removed from a building or event. 2. To have one's car be incapacitated by the placement of a lock on one's front wheel, usually due to one's negligence in the payment of parking tickets.
  • BoSox - See Sox (Seldom used within New England except by sportscasters and writers, national slang to differentiate from the ChiSox, or White Sox of Chicago. Used regionally to differentiate from the AAA Pawtucket Red Sox, aka the PawSox.)
  • The Boys - the cops, the police
  • bozo - a pothead; used mostly in South Boston
  • The Bob Loboat - The Boston Harbor Island Ferry that docks in Rowes Wharf
  • Brahmin - Boston Brahmin
  • Bricka - Referring to the city of Billerica (Alternatively: "Somerville with trees")
  • Brownie - refers to L Street Brownies, a group famous for swimming in frigid ocean waters during the winter time based at the L Street Bathhouse in South Boston
  • breakdown lane - right margin or shoulder on highways used for broken down vehicles. Cars can drive in the breakdown lane at certain hours on some Massachusetts highways.
  • Bruins Chicks - Young female Boston Bruins Hockey Team fans, during the period of 1979-1994 (approximately). Notorious for their big hair, Bruins replica jerseys, and rowdy behavior. Mostly hailing from North Shore communities of Massachusetts.
  • Bubbler ) This is the Boston Specific word for a water fountain or water cooler.
  • bulkhead - outdoor entrance to the basement / cellar.
  • Bunker Hill- Where the historic Battle of Bunker Hill in the America Revolution was to take place. Most of the Battle was actually fought at Breed's Hill where now stands a monument on top of it. Also pronounced "Bunkah Hill." Boston tour companies often ask visitors where the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought; anyone who replies Breed's Hill gets a token as a prize.
  • bureau - Dresser
  • Bury - The Roxbury section of Boston, or The "Berry".


  • The Cape - Cape Cod
  • carriage - a baby stroller,Or a shopping cart.
  • cellar - the basement of a house.
  • Cha-Chingham - Hingham, Ma
  • The Charles - The Charles River
  • "Chelsalvador"- the town of Chelsea in reference to its large El Salvadorian population
  • chowderhead (sometimes chowdahead) - Often refers to a New Englander, at one time meant a person to laugh at or stupid person but has evolved to be a lighter term that has been embraced by those to whom it refers.
  • The Chuck- The Charles River
  • Chucklehead - A local idiot
  • Chuck Town -refers to Charlestown. (A.K.A) C-Town.
  • Chucky's Place -refers to the Suffork County Jail which was formerly located on Charles St.
  • City of Sin - Lynn, Massachusetts, from the rhyme "Lynn, Lynn, city of sin, you never come out the way you went in." Refers to the City's criminal reputation.
  • Clambodia - Slang term for The town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, a refrence to their famous Ipswich Clams.
  • Clicker TV remote
  • Comm Ave - Commonwealth Avenue
  • The Common - referring to Boston Common. Dating from 1634, it is the oldest city park in the United States.
  • The Combat Zone - the red light district of Boston that used to exist between Downtown Crossing and Chinatown, now refurbished

Courts- basketball courts next to Arlington high school where teenagers tend to socialize sample weed and drink beer

  • Cow Hampshire - somewhat derogatory term for New Hampshire, referring to the perceived abundance of cows, can also used to represent any rural area in New England that is not necessarily in New Hampshire
  • cruiser - a police car, or a Ford Crown Victoria
  • Cumbys - refers to the convenience store chain Cumberland Farms


  • D-we - Term refering to a D.U.I (Driving under the influence) "Yeah, I got bagged by the boys last night for a Do-we)
  • Dawchestahh or The Dot - Dorchester, Massachusetts
  • Dewey - Dwight Evans, former Right Fielder for the Red Sox who won eight Gold Gloves.
  • Deluxebury - Duxbury, Massachusetts, affluent south shore town. Part of the Irish Riviera.
  • directional - noun., turn signal. Also referred as a " blinkah"
  • Dirty-E - noun., Everett, Massachusetts
  • "Dirty Ham" - noun Framingham, Massachusetts
  • docksiders (pronounced "docksidahs") - noun, brown boat shoes
  • Dot - Dorchester, Massachusetts
  • Dot Ave - Dorchester Avenue
  • Dot Rat - Dorchester, Massachusetts A native of Dorchester who can't escape.
  • down cellar (pronounced "down sullah") - adj., contraction of "down in the cellar", refers to being located in the basement.
  • Down East - A section of the Maine coast that is actually north of Boston
  • down the Cape - Referring to going to or being at Cape Cod
  • draw - drawer
  • d-tech - An undercover police car
  • "Dunks", Dunkee's - Dunkin' Donuts
  • Dungarees - Denim pants


  • Eastie - East Boston (Used almost exclusively by people from East Boston)
  • The E - the predominantly Irish neighborhood of East Milton.
  • "E C"- East Cambridge
  • "Elastic"- Rubber band


  • Fall River Tuxedo - A sport jacket over a hooded sweatshirt
  • Fah Daze- For days, an excessive amount of; or lasts forever. i.e. "This traffic goes on fah daze." "I went out drinkin last night and slept fah daze."
  • The Fair--old fashioned agricultural fair held in Topsfield every fall since 1808. It is the oldest agricultural fair in the United States.
  • "The Fairy Ferry" - the fast ferry between Boston and Provincetown, MA also called "P Town"
  • Field Day - To take advantage of a situation; to bring to an extreme, i.e. "I dropped a five dollah bill, and the bums had a field day."
  • "the five and ten" or "the nickel and dime"- a 19th- and 20th-century store that sold small items for the home, sometimes including clothing, originally at prices of 5 or 10 cents; known elsewhere as "the dimestore". Two examples remain in Arlington: one in East Arlington and the other in "The Heights"
  • the flat of the Hill - the portion of Beacon Hill between Charles Street and Storrow Drive
  • flurries Small snow shower
  • frappe [pron. frap] - what some might erroneously refer to as a "milkshake"; the term milkshake has a separate use (see below)
  • frickin' - Another term for friggin', similarly used in place of the swear word f*ckin'. As in "that game was wicked frickin' pissah!"


  • The Gahden - a reference to the Boston Garden or the TD Garden, home of the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins
  • The Gas Tank - A large, painted gas storage tank in Dorcester along Rt. 93.
  • Glocksbury or Robbury - Derogatory term for Roxbury
  • going to Chelsea - When something is crooked or gone awry. "Buddy, straighten yah hat. It's goin tuh Chelsea."
  • good shit - An agreeable, non-threatening person. "I've got no problem with Mikey, he's a good shit."
  • Greastie - Derogatory term for East Boston or Eastie, referring to its Italian and Latino population
  • Greenie - Irish worker of the present who is in the U.S. illegally. This is interesting because it refers to the worker as Irish, i.e. "green" and new to the area i.e. "green" but also references their immigration status in an ironic fashion. A documented permanent resident non-citizen worker in the U.S. would have a green card visa, which these folks lack.
  • "Grindah" – (grinder), a "submarine" or "hoagie" sandwich.
  • Gump - an outdated term for dunce or nitwit. "What a gump that guy is!"


  • "Hahf-Ahst" - When something is done without much attention to detail, it is referred to as "hahf-ahst" - pronounced "half assed"
  • Hamper - Clothes basket
  • Han Francisco - A nickname for Hanover, mocking names like "Marsh Vegas"
  • "Hardo" - a term used to describe someone who is trying too hard, often pronounced "Hahdo." Another name for a try-hard. "Kehd got an A on his paper. Kid's a hahdo"
  • The Heights - Usually refers to the Chestnut Hill main campus of Boston College. Also short for Arlington Heights, an area in the west side of Arlington. Might be used in a sentence like: "I'll meet you at Brigham's, up the Heights." It can also refer an area in North Medford. Can also be used in reference to the Orient Heights section of East Boston.
  • the Hill - Beacon Hill or Mission Hill or Winter Hill in Somerville.
  • The Big Hole -referring to the Central Artery Project (The Big Dig) when all construction was on stanby.
  • Hoodie - slang term for a hooded sweatshirt
  • Hoodsie (1) - A small cup of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream from the HP Hood Company. Eaten with a thin wooden spoon that comes with the Hoodsie. Also called a Hoodsie cup
  • hoodsie (2) - In neighborhoods such as South Boston and Dorchester it refers to a precocious minor female who tries to appear older or wants to date older teenage boys or young men. The term is considered derogatory: "He'll get bagged if he keeps dating that hoodsie." One popular explanation says that the expression comes from the idea that the small cup a Hoodsie ice cream treat comes in is the same size as the bra cup of a hoodsie. A second popular, but more off-color explanation refers to HP Hood's one-time advertising slogan for the Hoodsie ice cream treat: "Short and sweet and good to eat."
    • different view - Hoodsie would also have the connotation of a young teen-age girl that sits on the hood of a car. Either to look cool to her friends, or portray herself as being older and sophisticated because she's 'sitting on the hood of a car'.
  • Hopper - the toilet, in particular when used to take a dump. (pronounced, "Hoppah")
  • Hosies - claim of first right, used in the same way as "dibs." For example, "I got hosies on the front seat."
  • The Hub - Boston; shortened from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.'s phrase The Hub of the Solar System (often misremembered as Universe) (seldom used in conversation, but seen often in writing and advertisements, e.g. in the Boston Globe)



  • Jawdinz (Jordan's) -- Jordan Marsh and Company, a hugely popular chain of department stores bought out by Macy's. "I'm goin' shoppin' up Jawdinz."
  • Jamaica Spain - The Jamaica Plain area in Boston, so named because of its large Spanish-speaking population
  • The Jetties - refers to Jetties Beach in Nantucket
  • jimmies - chocolate sprinkles
  • JP - Jamaica Plain. Also known as The JP .
  • Jumbo - nickname for a student of Tufts University after their mascot "Jumbo" the elephant. Especially someone on a Tufts athletic team. "Dumbo" is the derogatory version of this name- someone who pulled strings to get into the school or admission by athletics.


  • kid, "kehd"- referred to a person, adolescent. "I was dating this kehd". Tearm of endearment to a friend "What's up kehd" or as said in Boston "Whatup kehd"


  • lace curtain Irish- a person of Irish descent who is moving up the social ladder; ("After they moved to the Point, they became lace curtain Irish.")
  • Lauren Oddah - This is not a woman's name, but rather, it's the eastern Massachusetts pronunciation of "Law and Order". This is a classic case of the bay stater's penchant for dropping the letter "r" from places they belong and inserting them into places they do not belong. "What this city needs is more lauren oddah!"
  • the Leather District - the neighborhood surrounding South Street in Boston, east of Chinatown.
  • "Let's go, Southie, let's go!" - rallying cry for South Boston High School, used by anti-integration activists during the Boston busing crisis
  • "LexVegas" - nickname for the town of Lexington.
  • "light dawns on Marblehead" - used when a dense person finally realizes something. Also any variation such as, "Dawn breaks on Marblehead."
  • Lil B Town - nickname for Burlington , Massachusetts
  • "Lynn Lynn the city of sin" - partial rhyme describing the city of Lynn.


  • "Ma" - mother
  • Mad - As in "mad cool". Means very. See "wicked"
  • Maine-iac - derogatory term for Maine driver or resident, on par with Masshole; also a member of the Maine airforce or the airforce itself. A title born with pride by the natives, similar to Floridians.
  • Man's Greatest Hospital - Massachusetts General Hospital (alternatively, the medical-industrial complex)
  • Marsh Vegas - Also known as Marshfield.
  • Mass Ave - Massachusetts Avenue, A prominent thouroughfare running from the South End of Boston through Cambridge, Arlington and Lexington
  • Massatoilet Community College -refers to Massasoit Community College located in Brockton, MA
  • Massholes - derogatory term for residents of Massachusetts, especially of Boston drivers (popular in New Hampshire and Maine), now sometimes worn as a badge of honor by life-long residents of the state, especially when visiting Northern New England.
  • McDanks - McDonalds
  • Meffa" Medford, Massachusetts; an exaggerated pronunciation of the way the city's name is supposed to sound when it's pronounced by its residents; even though no one in Medford's history have ever pronounced it that way, people living in Greater Boston will refer to the city by that name. Medford, which is next to Boston, has a very thick distinct accent and residents generally pronounce it "Medfid" or "Meffid".
  • Menots - Menotomy Rocks Park in Arlington, Ma
  • The Monster, or The Monstah - Fenway Park's 37 foot left field wall, also known as The Green Monster
  • The Mother Church - The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, both the actual building in the Back Bay and, among Christian Scientists, the church institution headquartered there.
  • mum- mom
  • Mumbles - Long-time Boston mayor Thomas Menino, known for his malapropisms, especially when trying to pronounce the names of star athletes
  • Murderpan - derogatory name for Mattapan, MA
  • Mush - essentially the equivalent of "dude" in Newton MA, especially in the village of Nonantum. Pronounced /mʊʃ/.


  • Nantrashket or Nantrashbasket - Nantasket Beach the dirtiest, trashiest and best beach on the South Shore.
  • NashVegas - Nashua, NH
  • New B or New Beige - New Bedford
  • The Nines - The 99 Restaurant, one of which can be found in just about every reputable suburb of Boston.
  • "No suh!" [No sir, compare "no sirree"] - "No way!". The appropriate response is "Ya suh!"
  • Nawth - North. A location above Massaschusetts. 'My friend in Flawrida keeps askin' how I live up nawth in winta. I says to him, Bawstin ain't nawth, it's east! New Hampsha's up nawth."
  • Nor'easter - A strong winter storm with winds emanating from the northeast. A bad Northeaster is like a winter hurricane
  • North Shore - A region north of Boston of disputed boundaries, often including seaside communities from Revere up to the beginning of Cape Ann in Manchester, but also including nearby inland towns or towns connected to the sea only by token inlets or rivers, such as Peabody, Saugus, Lynnfield, Topsfield and Danvers, and sometimes considered to omit Marblehead. Other definitions include the entire coast to the New Hampshire border, and still others the entirety of northern Essex County.
  • North Shore Coma College - Slang tearm for North Shore Community College Located in Danvers,Beverly and Lynn Massaschusetts
  • New Yawk (New York): "The ahmpit of Amerika." 240 Miles South of Tremont Street
  • New Hampsha (New Hampshire): A large campsite up north


  • Off-Cape - Anything off of Cape Cod (to Cape Codders).
  • Off the Boat - Used to describe a European immigrant, usually from Ireland
  • The Orange Dinosaur - A Big orange dinosaur on Rt. 1 Saugus, part of a mini-golf course & batting cages.
  • Oah - Robert G. Orr, the greatest Bawstin Broon evah!


  • parish - designation of a neighborhood based on particular Catholic Churches, as in "What parish are you from?"
  • Pats - the New England Patriots
  • Patsies - the New Englad Patriots in the lean years when they sucked which was mostly their whole life before Robert Kraft bought the team.
  • Peking ravioli - fried Chinese potstickers/dumplings
  • the People's Republic - Cambridge (alternatively, seven square miles surrounded by reality)
  • "Perchead"- Percocet Abuser
  • Pesky's Pole - the right field foul pole in Fenway Park, named after Red Sox infielder Johnny Pesky.
  • piazza - refers to the porch on a triple-decker house. Said no one in Boston. It's a porch. And it's deckah.
  • The Pike - the Massachusetts Turnpike, also the Mass Pike
  • pissa (1) - good: "You hit the Lottery? That's pissa man." Commonly used in conjunction with wicked;
  • pissa!(2) - used to accentuate an unfortunite moment. "My friggin khaki's (car keys) fell down da catch basin (storm drain), pissa ain't it".
  • pissa (3) - used to decribe a (friend or acquaintance) whom is eccentric "Did ya hear what Johnny said/did.... gdam pissa ain't he"
  • The Pit - A gathering place outside the Harvard Square MBTA Station, known for its eclectic mix of street performers, rowdy teenagers, homeless people and others.
  • pizza pillows - pizza rolls
  • pockabook - purse
  • the Point - the City Point area of South Boston. The term is also used for Jefferies Point in Eastie East Boston, Massachusetts. This also refers to the Point Shirley section of Winthrop, MA. In contrast, "The Point" is also a rather poor and seedy neighborhood in Salem, MA.
  • Ponsta - a person who plays video games excessively.
  • Portuguese Tuxedo or New Bedford Tuxedo - A premium soccer warm up suit under sport jacket.
  • Polar - referring to Polar Beverages, the local soda company in Worcester with the big inflatable polar bear named Orson.
  • The Pru or The Prud - The Prudential Center


  • The Rat'ler- The subway - refered to as "The T" in the greater Boston area.
  • Red Sox Nation - a term for the collective group of Sox fans that span the US and beyond, generally used by the local media. Red Sox Nation is seen in the immense crowds of Sox fans that gather even at visiting parks.
  • Recka (Wrecker) - A towing vehicle, as in: There was a wicked pile up on the artery. They hadda bring in at least three reckas to get them cahs outta the way."
  • Reefer Tech - Otherwise known as the Joseph P. Keefe Technical School located in Framingham. Popular in the mid 1970s through the early 1980s.
  • Regular/Regulah - A coffee order at Dunkies/any coffee place that means 'with cream and sugar.' "I'll take a lahge regulah."
  • Retarded/Retahdid - it is generally used with a negative connotation, although it is not as derogatory as in many other regions. Often preceded by "wicked," as in "He's wicked retahdid."
  • The Rez - Short for the reservoir (swimming hole of whatever town you are in).
  • Ripper - a kegger or a big, wild party
  • The River - the Charles River
  • Road Soda - A beer you drink while driving around. Also known as a "roadie". "Dude, I grabbed a couple of roadies for the ride to the bah."
  • Rocketown - nickname for the town of Reading, referring to the rocket mascot, which is named for a pair of water towers located near the town's high school -- one of which is oval, as in a 1950s depiction of a flying saucer, and one of which is pointed to give the appearance of a flying saucer and rocket standing side-by-side.
  • Rossie, Rozzie - Roslindale
  • Rotary - what would be known as a traffic circle or a roundabout elsewhere
  • Route 9 High - Massachusetts Bay Community College in Wellesley. The campus is on or near Route 9.
  • Rubbish - Trash, garbage, refuse


  • Salem- Where the infamous witch trials took place. See Salem Witch Trials
  • Salt and Pepper Bridge - the Longfellow Bridge, crosses the Charles River between Boston and Cambridge, named because the towers on the bridge resemble salt and pepper shakers.
  • screw - a verb meaning "to take off" or "get out of here" a cop will say to teenagers hanging on a corner"hey you kids "screw".
  • scully - a driving cap or an ivy cap that has a snap-button front; often pronounced as "scahlly."
  • Severe - A term used when referring to the town of Revere
  • I'm sheets - tired, ready for bed. Bedford, Mass
  • shanty Irish - poor or working class person of Irish descent.
  • shiesty - A term meaning someone or something is shady or sketchy. "Those kids standing on the corner are wicked shiesty." Or "The food here looks wicked shiesty"
  • the shit- something or someone thats awesome
  • shtetl- referring to the town of Sharon
  • shu-wah- the decidedly bi-syllabic rendering of the word "sure", generally used emphatically. "Dad, can I have another hot dog?" "Shu-wah!"
  • Sick nasty - see ill. As in that stunt in the movie was sick nasty. i loved it!
  • that's was sick - that was awesome. "that's sick"-that's awesome.
  • Skeezah - [skee-zer] Used when describing a drug addict; typically used in reference to a "druggie slut." #also see "slampig"#
  • skeeze - A person of questionable personal reputation considered to exhibit lack of discernment in intimate encounters and thereby considered to have high potential for being afflicted with a communicable social disease.
  • skid - a loser or lowlife. "His brother is a real skid."
  • skidder - referring to someone who bums (borrows) money from friends. Pronounced "skiddah"
  • Slampig - A skank, overly slutty female, a "Sled Dog", equivalent to a whore or slut. "That chick's been a slampig."
  • Slummerville - A derogatory term for Somerville, referring to its working-class population and reputation for crime. Also Scummerville.
  • Slush - An icy Boston area treat.... similar to Italian ice... popular flavors are lemon and blue vanilla
  • Smells 'n' Bells - The Church of the Advent, an Anglo-Catholic parish on Beacon Hill noted for its high church liturgy
  • smoot - a unit of measurement used to mark the length of the Harvard Bridge. Also used as a point of reference by MIT students; ("Are you past the 182 (smoot mark) yet?" "Nah, we're still in Hell."
  • smuck - lopsided; usually used by children to describe uneven teams: "These teams are smuck." Can also be used as a verb: "We smucked 'em." Mostly used on North Shore.
  • SoBro - South Brookline. Used as a term of pride by teenage residents of the area.
  • So don't I - pleonasm [1] used to agree with a statement; a replacement for "So do I" or "Me, too"; "I like the Red Sox." "So don't I."
  • Southie - South Boston; also used for residents of the area
  • spa - neighborhood shop that sells groceries, soda fountain drinks, sandwiches, or other prepared food and miscellaneous notions. Spas of this sort include the Hillside Spa Cardoza Brothers, on Hancock Street, the Thurston's Spa #aka "Johnnies"# in Somerville, Lenny's Spa in East Boston, MA, Winship Spa, Faneuil Spa or the former Palace Spa known to locals as Mac's in Brighton.
  • Spastic - Emotional outburst involving what appears to be uncontrolled waving of the arms, legs and head.
  • Spaz - One who is exceptionally athletically uncoordinated.
  • spuckie - related to a submarine sandwich, it is the bread it was made with.
  • SoWa - the southern portion of Washington Street in Boston. A term created by the real estate industry and not used in common speech.
  • Sox also The Sox - the Boston Red Sox; pronounced "socks" or "sawx"
  • The Square - Harvard Square
  • Stab'n Kill - A derogatory term for the Dorchester neighborhood of Savin Hill. The term refers to a past history of violence in that neighborhood.
  • Stackjack - A short, broad-chested male with a short haircut.
  • statie - Massachusetts State Police Trooper; also called a Trooper pronounced: Troopah
  • street numbah - Evolved term for a numbers lottery game which once had a racist name. In decline after the state lottery introduced a daily numbers game, the street number was originally the results of mutuel payoffs from certain horse races at Suffolk, Narragansett or Lincoln parks which were once shamelessly published on the front page of the city's afternoon dailies. Later revised to the last digits of the U.S. Treasury balance.
  • suppah (supper) - refers to dinner


  • The T - the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority; also used for services run by the MBTA, particularly the Subway. Taken from the MBTA's logo, a block-letter T within a circle.
  • Taxachusetts - derogatory political state title and comparative reference to the limited taxation of neighboring New Hampshire
  • The Teddy or The Ted - The Ted Williams Tunnel
  • "The U" - Term to decribe Salem State University due to its recent change from a "College" to a "University". "I graduated from the U when it was only a C"
  • Tek - Red Sox catcher / captain Jason Varitek
  • This fuckin guy... - a phrase used when everyone in a group sees an obvious loser.
  • three-way - term for what you order on a roast beef sandwich, referring to cheese, sauce and mayo. (example: "I'll have a junior three-way and a medium coke.") also "all around."
  • the Reckid - Reference to The Boston Herald often made by older Bostonians; derived from the Boston Record-American, a former tabloid that merged with the Herald-Travler in 1971 and originally referring to the paper's first edition which formerly came out before midnight.The only "papah" you could read on the subway, it was small and opened like a magazine.
  • time - A retirement or going-away party; ("Did you hear Sully's retiring?" "Yeah, they're having a time for him down Florian Hall.") Also refers to political fundraisers.
  • The Tip - The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Tunnel
  • tonguebahth - Bedford, Ma term used by a guy to describe a hot girl.
  • tonic - Soft drink, soda or pop. Not the same thing as Tonic water
  • tool - a loser
  • Tory Row - historic neighborhood of Cambridge, home to prominent British sympathizers before the American Revolution
  • The Town - Refers to the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston
  • townie - In the strictest sense, a resident of Charlestown, Massachusetts; or more broadly someone from Somerville or South Boston or the other Irish-Catholic enclaves of Boston and surrounding areas. Also used as an adjective for the accent of those areas, or to describe a person who shares many characteristics with the residents of those areas. Occasionally, a person who was born/lived their life/died in the same town, village or 'burb, and whose family has lived in the town for many generations. A resident of a college town who is not affiliated with the college (more used by non-local college students than by Boston area residents).
  • triple decker - a three-story, three-family house, also called a "three decker".
  • Triple Eagle - Someone who has graduated from Boston College High School, Boston College, and Boston College Law School. Taken from the fact that all three schools use the eagle as a mascot.


  • U-ie - a u-turn while driving. Also sometimes called a "u-dog". Almost always used with the verb bang, as in "After this next light, bang a U-ie and then take a right."
  • Up - A general direction one takes when going anywhere. I'm takin' the kids up Foley Field to play ball; or "We're goin' up Maine for the weekend." This becomes "Down" when going to Cape Cod, as in "I'm goin' down Cape this weekend."
  • Upper Mass Ave - the stretch of Massachusetts Avenue that runs north through North Cambridge from Harvard Square toward the town of Arlington.
  • Up Mt. Auburn, under the tree - Referring to a deceased person. Example: "Where's your mom?" "Shes up Mt. Auburn, under the tree"
  • Up the Conah - A popular hang out spot in most Boston Neighborhoods. Neighborhoods such as Southie were infamous for the crowds of young kids hanging out in front of their block's corner store and protected it as their own.



  • Wadah bubblah - a water fountain.
  • Wiskey Point. A neighborhood in Brookline between Brookline Village and Jamaica Pond. Originally a derogatory name for its Irish Residents. Now called simply "The Point"
  • whateva - whatever
  • Wake - Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield
  • (The) Wake - Wakefield (Used only by residents of Wakefield.)
  • Wake Vegas or Tha Dirty Dirty Wake Vegas-Wakefield (Used by teens in Wakefield to describe how Wake Vegas is where the fun never stops, because the fun never started.)
  • "The Well" A nickname referring to the town of Norwell. "Oh that kid's straight from the Well".
  • Westa Woostah Line of demarcation indicating Western Massachusetts.
  • Westie - West Roxbury (Used only by residents. Most commonly referred to as simply West Roxbury)
  • White Man -refers to the town of Whitman
  • Whitey - refers to Mr. James Bulger
  • whoopie pie - a pastry first sold commercially at the Berwick Cake Factory in Dudley Square, Roxbury
  • wicked - very; or occasionally cool. Used indiscriminately, can modify anything (e.g.: especially "Wicked pissa." ; also"Wicked good." "Wicked bad." "Wicked boring.", etc.). Almost always used as an adverb, rather than an adjective; some Bostonians feel it is grammatically improper not to put an adjective or verb after "wicked".
  • wicked gross mental fit - A sustained emotional outburst, generally triggered by a specific incident. "She came home drunk and her mom took a wicked gross mental fit." "She saw him making out with someone else and took a wicked gross mental fit." Believed to have originated in the Reading-Stoneham-Wakefield area north of Boston.
  • Wiffle - a short haircut given to boys and young men usually in the summer, a buzz cut.
  • Williamsburg - the addition of the bullpens to right-center field at Fenway Park for Ted Williams
  • The Wood - Refers to the suburban town of Westwood or Norwood
  • The Woo-ha or Wormtown or Wistah or Woostah - Refers to the city of Worcester.
  • The Wu, Woobin - Woburn, Mass. Used by woburnites.
  • "The Chedda" - Winchester, Mass. Used by people from Winchester


  • yah huh- very determined, "yes"
  • Yaz - Carl Yastrzemski, long-time left fielder for the Red Sox. "Big Yaz Bread" was a loaf of bread similar to Wonder Bread sold locally after the Red Sox' pennant winning season of 1967.
  • Yiz - Plural form of "you." As in, "All a yiz bettah be in the cah by the time I count to fou-ah"
  • Yuz - Alternate form of "yiz"


  • The Zakim - The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge over the Charles River, on I-93 through the city.
  • ZooMass or "The Zoo" - Formerly used to describe University of Massachusetts Amherst for the student body's rowdy behavior. Discontinued after the mid-90's, as the school cracked down on students' misconduct. The school has since become a top research institution in the U.S. Term has regained use amongst local high school students recently with an addition. This addition is "ZooMass Slamherst."