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The following is a glossary of baseball jargon (phrases, idioms and slang):

Appendix: Glossary of Baseball
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A home run or to hit a home run. "Hitting a jack" or "Jacking one out of here."
  • To pitch far enough inside that the batter is unable to extend while swinging. "The pitcher jammed the batter". The batter was "handcuffed" or "shackled" by the pitch.
  • When runners are in scoring position with less than two outs and good hitters coming up. "The pitcher is in a jam."
  • "Bases are jammed" means "bases are full." There are runners on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases.
Junior Circuit[edit]
The American League, so-called because it is the younger of the two major leagues.
junkball pitcher[edit]
A pitcher who throws predominantly junk, usually due to a weak (or slow) fastball. A junkballer or a junk artist: "Like all junk artists, Trujillo will have to prove himself at the higher levels before getting a minor shot at a major league job."[1]


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