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These are the spells in the Harry Potter series.

Categories of spells[edit]

The magical feats performed by witches and wizards in the Harry Potter series are generally called spells and roughly subdivided into four categories, apparently based on harm and duration:

(noun, plural: charms) A common spell, with instant effects.
(noun, plural: curses) A very harmful spell.
(noun, plural: hexes) A spell that is harmful, but less than curses.
(noun, plural: jinxes) A spell whose effects last for a particularly long time

There are also the following subcategories:

Unforgivable Curse[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Unforgivable Curses) Any of the three spells punishable by a life sentence in prison: The Cruciatus Curse, the Imperius Curse and the Killing Curse.

List of spells[edit]

Most magical feats are recognized by a vernacular, descriptive name and an incantation. The descriptive name usually includes one of the four subcategories listed above. The incantations resemble classical languages, particularly Latin, but rarely are proper or grammatically correct words in these languages. Both names are always written with upper case initial letters.

The incantation is uttered by a magical character to activate said spell, when other conditions such as previous training and current presence of a wand are fulfilled. For example, a particular spell causes instant death on any living subject, is described by the name Killing Curse and its effect is actived when a character utters Avada Kedavra.

Most spells are only known either by incantation, by vernacular name, or by no name at all, simply because they were not officially named in the franchise. Sufficiently skilled witches and wizards have shown the ability to perform spells nonverbally.

Magic words[edit]

(interjection) An incantation to summon an object to the caster (by making the object fly) through the Summoning Charm.
(interjection) An incantation to produce a jet of water from the caster's wand.
(interjection) An incantation to unlock and/or open doors.
Avada Kedavra[talk][citations]
(interjection) An incantation to instantaneously kill someone through the Killing Curse.
(interjection) An incantation to magically lock a door, preventing it from being opened by nonmagical means.
(interjection) An incantation to inflict pain on the recipient through the Cruciatus Curse.
(interjection) An incantation to heal minor injuries.
Expecto Patronum[talk][citations]
(interjection) An incantation to form a Patronus through the Patronus Charm.
(interjection) An incantation to disarm another wizard (typically by causing their wand to fly out of reach) through the Disarming Charm.
(interjection) An incantation to create a temporary duplicate of an object.
(interjection) An incantation to flatten a stairway into a ramp or slide.
(interjection) An incantation to force a victim to obey the caster's commands through the Imperius Curse.
(interjection) An incantation to produce fire.
(interjection) An incantation to allow a caster to delve into the mind of a victim, seeing their thoughts, emotions, and memories.
(interjection) An incantation to hide a memory of an event through the Memory Charm.
Petrificus Totalus[talk][citations]
(interjection) An incantation to instantaneously bind the body of someone through the Body-Bind Curse.
Prior Incantato[talk][citations]
(interjection) An incantation to cause a wand to produce a shadow or image of the last spell cast with it.
(interjection) An incantation to reflect or mitigate jinxes, curses, and hexes, or emit a shield from the caster's wand, through the Shield Charm.
(interjection) An incantation to revive an unconscious person.
(interjection) An incantation to repair broken or damaged objects.
Repello Muggletum[talk][citations]
(interjection) An incantation to keep muggles away from wizarding places through the Muggle-Repelling Charm.
(interjection) An incantation to clean something through the Scouring Charm.
(interjection) An incantation to silence something through the Silencing Charm.
(interjection) An incantation to render a victim unconscious through the Stupefying Charm.
Wingardium Leviosa[talk][citations]
(interjection) An incantation to levitate objects through the Levitation Charm.

Names of spells[edit]

Banishing Charm[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Banishing Charms) A fictional charm that results in banishing an object from the caster.
Body-Bind Curse[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Body-Bind Curses) A fictional curse that is activated by the magic words Petrificus Totalus and results in instantaneously binding the body of someone.
Patronus Charm[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Patronus Charms) A fictional charm activated by the magic words Expecto Patronum that summons a Patronus.
Summoning Charm[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Summoning Charms) A fictional charm that is activated by the magic word Accio and results in summoning an object to the caster (by making the object fly).
Unbreakable Vow[talk][citations]
(noun, plural: Unbreakable Vows) A fictional voluntary vow that if broken, causes the vower to magically die.