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This is a partial list of English blends AKA portmanteaux—words formed by combining parts of two words. Most portmanteau words combine the prefix of one word with the suffix of the other. This process sometimes creates derivative meanings for the prefix and suffix. Some portmanteaux, however, combine the prefixes from both words; e.g. "modem".

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  • parsec from parallax and second
  • positron from positive and electron
  • prion from proteinaceous and infectious


  • advertainment from advertising and entertainment
  • advertorial from advertising and editorial
  • brandwagon from brand and wagon, a play on the term bandwagon.
  • cineplex from cinema and complex (building)
  • Comcastic from Comcast and fantastic
  • docudrama from documentary and drama
  • documercial from documentary and commercial
  • docusoap from documentary and soap opera (serialised drama)
  • dramedy from dramatic and comedy (television)
  • edutainment from education and entertainment
  • faction from fact and fiction (a story which is based on fact, made fictional, perhaps by switching names. Also, fictionalized fact)
  • fraudience from fraud and audience
  • infomercial from information and commercial
  • infotainment from information and entertainment
  • Limon from lime and lemon, a commercial construction to promote the soft drink Sprite
  • mockumentary from mock and documentary
  • multiplex from multiple and cineplex (itself a portmanteau) - this word has a different meaning in telecommunications

Art, literature, media and popular culture[edit]

Numerous portmanteaux have been coined by or for various media.


  • Inscape from interior and landscape




  • opinuendo from opinion and innuendo, a term used regularly on the Radio From Hell show.

Performing arts[edit]


Video games[edit]


Internet media[edit]

Comic books and manga[edit]

  • scanlation from scan and translation, used for unofficial internet-distributed translations of manga


Organizations, companies and brand names[edit]


Portmanteaux by Lewis Carroll from Jabberwocky[edit]

Some of these terms are nonce words, others are of questionable origin or have worked their way into common speech.

  • brillig from begin and broiling, according to Humpty Dumpty, "four o'clock in the afternoon—the time when you begin broiling things for dinner."
  • slithy from lithe and slimy.
  • mimsy from flimsy and miserable.
  • frumious from fuming and furious.
  • burbled a possible mixture of bleat, murmur, and warble, but also a legitimate dictionary word, derived from the Middle English "burblen", and meaning a gurgling or bubbling sound.
  • galumphing; to galumph is to gallop triumphantly.

Politics, economics and geography[edit]

Portmanteaux of portmanteaux[edit]

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