Appendix:Luxembourgish false cognates and false friends with English

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This is an initial list of false cognates and false friends between Luxembourgish and English. They therefore look or sound similar but have different meanings.

Luxembourgish term English term
  • Luxembourgish translation
Aangel (sting)
Aangel (fishing rod)
aarm (poor) arm
Aart (type, sort, kind) art
alleg (all these) allege
allowes (every evening) allows (3. pers. sing. of allow)
  • Luxembourgish: léisst zou
also (therefore) also
  • Luxembourgish: och
apaart (particularly) apart
Ass (ace) ass
baang (frightened) bang
Bad (bath) bad
Bänk (bench) bank
  • Luxembourgish: Bank
batter (bitter) batter
Boot (boat) boot
Bottel (hawthorn) bottle
Brooch (fallow) brooch
Damp (steam) damp
Deel (part) deal
Dill (plank, board) dill
drop (after, on top of) drop
fad (bland, tasteless) fad
  • Luxembourgish: Moud
Far (fern) far
fir (for) fir
Fischi (scarf) fishy ("dubious")
Flipper (pinball) flipper
Floss (river)
Floss (flipper, fin)
  • Luxembourgish: Seid
fort (away) fort
gaangs (immediately) gangs
Geess (goat) geese
haart (hard) heart
Här (mister) hair
Heed (heath, heather)
Heed (pagan)
Heel (hoe) heel
hell (light, bright) hell
Kamell (sweet, confection) camel
Kapitel (chapter) capital
kill (fresh) kill
Sënd (sin) send
sinn (to be) sin