Appendix:Luxembourgish false cognates and false friends with English

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This is an initial list of false cognates and false friends between Luxembourgish and English. They therefore look or sound similar but have different meanings.

Luxembourgish term English term
  • Luxembourgish translation
Aangel ‎(sting)
Aangel ‎(fishing rod)
aarm ‎(poor) arm
Aart ‎(type, sort, kind) art
alleg ‎(all these) allege
allowes ‎(every evening) allows (3. pers. sing. of allow)
  • Luxembourgish: léisst zou
also ‎(therefore) also
  • Luxembourgish: och
apaart ‎(particularly) apart
Ass ‎(ace) ass
baang ‎(frightened) bang
Bad ‎(bath) bad
Bänk ‎(bench) bank
  • Luxembourgish: Bank
batter ‎(bitter) batter
Boot ‎(boat) boot
Bottel ‎(hawthorn) bottle
Brooch ‎(fallow) brooch
Damp ‎(steam) damp
Deel ‎(part) deal
Dill ‎(plank, board) dill
drop ‎(after, on top of) drop
fad ‎(bland, tasteless) fad
  • Luxembourgish: Moud
Far ‎(fern) far
fir ‎(for) fir
Fischi ‎(scarf) fishy ("dubious")
Flipper ‎(pinball) flipper
Floss ‎(river)
Floss ‎(flipper, fin)
  • Luxembourgish: Seid
fort ‎(away) fort
gaangs ‎(immediately) gangs
Geess ‎(goat) geese
haart ‎(hard) heart
Här ‎(mister) hair
Heed ‎(heath, heather)
Heed ‎(pagan)
Heel ‎(hoe) heel
hell ‎(light, bright) hell
Kamell ‎(sweet, confection) camel
Kapitel ‎(chapter) capital
kill ‎(fresh) kill
Sënd ‎(sin) send
sinn ‎(to be) sin