Appendix:Mapudungun alphabet

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The Mapudungun alphabet is one of several alphabets used for the Mapudungun language, over which there is an ongoing political struggle concerning the question of which of the competing alphabets should become the standard alphabet of the Mapuche people. The three top contenders are by some considered to be the Raguileo alphabet, the Unified alphabet and the Azümchefe alphabet.

  1. The Raguileo alphabet:
    a c z e f q i k l b j m n h ñ g o p r s t x u v w y
    The Unified alphabet:
    a ch d e f g i k l ll m n ñ ng o p r s t tr u ü w y
    The Azümchefe alphabet:
    a z ü m ch e f i k t nh tx o y q g lh ñ r s ll p u w l n sh [t?]