Appendix:Navajo alphabet

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Letter Letter name IPA value
A aa [ɑ]
B bee [p]
C* sxee N/A
Ch chee [tʃʰ]
Chʼ chʼee [tʃʼ]
D dee [t]
Dl dlee [tl]
Dz dzee [ts]
E ee [ɛ]
F* eł/ef N/A
G gee [k]
Gh ghee [ɣ]
H hee [x]
Hw hwee [xʷ]
I ii [ɪ]
J jee [tʃ]
K kee [kʰ]
kʼee [kʼ]
Kw kwee [kʷʰ]
L lee [l]
Ł łee [ɬ]
M mee [m]
N nee [n]
O oo [o]
P* pee N/A
Q* kwah N/A
R* egh/er N/A
S see [s]
Sh shee [ʃ]
T tee [tʰ]
tʼee [tʼ]
tłee [tɬʰ]
Tłʼ tłʼee [tɬʼ]
Ts tsee [tsʰ]
Tsʼ tsʼee [tsʼ]
U* uu N/A
V* łwee/vee N/A
W wee [ɣʷ]
X eks [x]
Y yee [ʝ]
Z zee [z]
Zh zhee [ʒ]
ʼ saad niyíłtłáádígíí [ʔ]

Note: * = not present in the alphabet

The letters á, ą, ą́, é, ę, ę́, í, į, į́, ó, ǫ, ǫ́, ń do not belong to the Navajo alphabet, but they are used in the orthography to show tone and nasalization. Long vowels are written double: aa, áa, aá, áá, etc. The letter x is considered a variant of h, used after s, ts, g, and z to avoid confusion with digraphs. It may also be used after sh and ch to avoid the potential confusion of an h following a digraph containing h. In many texts the infix -h-/-x- is always written -x-.

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