Appendix:Phoenician script

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This appendix explains characters written in the Phoenician script.

Wiktionary standard transliteration[edit]

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Aleph Beth Gimel Daleth He Waw Zayin Heth Teth Yodh Kaph Lamedh Mem Nun Samekh Ayin Pe Sade Qoph Res Sin Taw
𐀀‏ 𐀁‏ 𐀂‏ 𐀃‏ 𐀄‏ 𐀅‏ 𐀆‏ 𐀇‏ π€ˆβ€ 𐀉‏ π€Šβ€ 𐀋‏ π€Œβ€ 𐀍‏ π€Žβ€ 𐀏‏ 𐀐‏ 𐀑‏ 𐀒‏ 𐀓‏ 𐀔‏ 𐀕‏
ΚΎ b g d h w z αΈ₯ αΉ­ y k l m n s ΚΏ p αΉ£ q r Ε‘ t