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This Proto-Slavic entry contains reconstructed words and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.



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Compare Lithuanian -ynas and -iena.


*-ina f

  1. Denominal, forming collectives denoting something of vital importance.
    *drugъ (friend)*družina (team, company)
    *rodъ (kin, tribe)*rodina (people or land belonging to the family)
  2. Denominal, forming collectives denoting names of trees, woods and bushes.
    *dervo (wood)*dervina (sticks, trees)
    *dǫbъ (oak)*dǫbina (oak forest)
  3. (by extension) Denominal, forming collective nouns that act as singulatives.
    *berza (birch)*berzovina (birch forest; birch)
    *zvěrь (animal)*zvěrina (animals, game; animal)
  4. Deadjectival, denoting a property or a result.
    *bělъ (white)*bělina (whiteness)
    *blizъ (close)*blizina (closeness), *bližina (closeness)
    *istъ (true)*istina (truth)
    *novъ (new)*novina (something new)
    *bystrъ (rapid, fast)*bystrina (cleverness, quickness in thought)
    *tixъ (silent)*tišina (silence)
    *glǫbokъ (deep)*glǫbina (depth)
    *čistъ (clear, pure)*čistina (purity)
  5. Denominal, miscellaneous uses.
    *dolъ (valley, depression)*dolina (valley)
    *govędo (ox)*govędina (ox meat)
    *bolto (mud)*boltina, *boltovina (swamp, marsh)
  6. Denominal, for expressive formations, usually of augmentative and pejorative connotation.
    *golva (head)*golvina
    *lupa (shell, husk)*lupina
    *konьcь (end)*konьčina
    *godъ*godina (the right time)
  7. Denominal or deverbal, forming agentive and action nouns.
    *gostь, *gostiti*gostina (hospitality)
    *brat(r)ъ, *brat(r)iti sę*bratina, *bratrina (fraternity)


Derived terms[edit]