Appendix:Romanian 3-form adjective declension

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There are two basic types of 3-form adjectives in Romanian. The first type has one form each for masculine and feminine singulars, but only one plural form. These adjectives end in:

  • -c or -g, though there are some 4-form adjectives with these endings (sărac, harnic and pribeag are a few examples).
  • -esc have three forms.
  • -iu (sometimes -u)

The irregular adjective nou also has three forms.

The second type of 3-form adjective has one form each for masculine singular and plural, but only one feminine form, which is shared by the singular and plural. These adjectives end in -tor.

Type 1[edit]

m & n singular f singular plural
-c and -g endings {{ro-adj-3}}
no change +i
mic mică mici
larg largă largi
-esc endings {{ro-adj-3-esc}}
no change +ească +ești
românesc românească românești
bărbătesc bărbătească bărbătești
-u and -iu endings {{ro-adj-3-iu}}
no change +ie +ii
viu vie vii
roșu roșie roșii
auriu aurie aurii

Type 2[edit]

m & n singular m plural f singular & plural, n plural
-tor endings {{ro-adj-3-tor}}
no change +tori +toare
fermecător fermecători fermecătoare
strălucitor strălucitori strălucitoare