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This table associates irregularly conjugated verbs with other like-conjugated verbs. Verbs are categorized based on their conjugations excluding their past-participle (they vary much too often there, and both the Real Academia Española and the University of Chicago Dictionary do the same). This means that verbs such as escribir and abrir are regular verbs (therefore not listed below) and just have an irregular past-participle, and verbs like volver and morir are listed as following their model verbs (mover and dormir), but they also vary in the past-participle. Additionally, templates handle accent changes necessitated by monosyllabic infinitives ({{es-conj-ir (i-í)}} handles piar and prohijar). Templates marked with a star can handle reflexive verbs. Sometimes the same wiki template is used for several irregular categories (e.g. reponer and poner).

Template Link Model
Verb Set
{{es-conj-ir (abolir)}}* abolir
agredir, aterirse
{{es-conj-er (yacer)}} yacer subyacer
{{es-conj-ir (i-ie)}} adquirir coadquirir, inquirir, perquirir, pesquirir
{{es-conj-ar (i-í)}} prohijar
aislar, descafeinar, amohinar, vaciar, enviar, desviar, porifiar, radiografiar, variar, fiar, confiar, guiar, esquiar
{{es-conj-ar (andar)}} andar desandar
{{es-conj-ir (asir)}} asir desasir
{{es-conj-ar (u-ú)}} aunar
ahuchar, ahuchear, ahumar, ahusar, aullar, aupar, baraustar, desahumar, desbarahustar, desembaular, maular, maullar, parahusar, parausar, rehusar, sahumar, acensuar, acentuar, actuar, arruar, atenuar, atumultuar, avaluar, colicuar, conceptuar, contextuar, continuar, desbruar, descontinuar, deshabituar, desvaluar, desvirtuar, devaluar, discontinuar, efectuar, enfatuarse, estatuar, evaluar, exceptuar, extenuar, fluctuar, perpetuar
{{es-conj-zar (go-güe)}} avergonzar desvergonzar, desvergonzarse, envergonzar
{{es-conj-guar}}* averiguar menguar, deslenguarse
{{es-conj-ir (decir)}} decir predecir, maldecir, bendecir, contradecir, desdecir
{{es-conj-er (caber)}} caber
{{es-conj-er (caer)}} caer recaer
{{es-conj-cer (o-ue)}} escocer cocer
{{es-conj-ar}}* cambiar
unstressed final i
{{es-conj-ger}} coger proteger, recoger
{{es-conj-ir (e-ie)}} concernir discernir
{{es-conj-er (c-zc)}} conocer agradecer, obedecer, ofrecer, padecer, palidecer, parecer, permanecer, prevalecer, reaparecer, pacer, nacer
{{es-conj-ar (o-ue)}}* acostar contar, poblar, pringar, probar
{{es-conj-er (ver)}} ver prever, entrever
{{es-conj-zar}}* cruzar cazar, abrazar, nacionalizar (se), narcotizar, naturalizar, neutralizar, normalizar, obstaculizar, oficializar, organizar, paralizar, particularizar, penalizar, personalizar, polarizar, polimerizar, polinizar, popularizar, pormenorizar, prconizar, presuizar, profesionalizar, profetizar, profundizar, protagonizar, psicoanalizar, pulverizar, puntualizar, punzar, racionalizar, realizar, realzar, rechazar, rebozar, desperezarse
{{es-conj-ar (dar)}} dar
{{es-conj-eer}} leer creer, poseer, proveer, desposeer, releer, sobreseer
{{es-conj-quir}} delinquir
{{es-conj-er (poner)}} reponer oponer, posponer, predisponer, presuponer, proponer
{{es-conj-guir}} distinguir extinguir
{{es-conj-ir (o-ue)}} dormir morir
{{es-conj-egir}} elegir colegir, corregir, reelegir, regir
{{es-conj-zar (e-ie)}}* empezar tropezar, comenzar
{{es-conj-izar}} enraizar homogeneizar
{{es-conj-ir (erguir)}} erguir
{{es-conj-ar (errar)}} errar
{{es-conj-güir}} argüir reargüir, redargüir
{{es-conj-ar (estar)}} estar
{{es-conj-gir}} exigir mugir, rugir, dirigir
{{es-conj-zar (o-ue)}} almorzar forzar
{{es-conj-er (rehacer)}} rehacer
{{es-conj-ñir}}* plañir rebullir, mullir, gruñir, bullir, muñir
{{es-conj-er (hacer)}} hacer satisfacer
{{es-conj-uir}}* huir huir, obstruir, prostituir, construir, inmiscuirse
{{es-conj-er (tener)}}* retener obtener, abstenerse
{{es-conj-ar (o-hue)}} desosar
{{es-conj-ir (ir)}} ir
{{es-conj-gar (u-ue)}} jugar
{{es-conj-ir (c-zc)}}* lucir enlucir, traslucirse
{{es-conj-ir (venir)}}* prevenir provenir, revenirse
{{es-conj-er (o-ue)}}* mover promover, volver, condolerse
{{es-conj-ir (embaír)}} embaír desvaír
{{es-conj-gar (e-ie)}} negar plegar, regar
{{es-conj-ir (oír)}} oír entreoír
{{es-conj-er (o-hue)}} oler
{{es-conj-gar}}* pagar llegar, apagar, naufragar, obligar, otorgar, pegar, plagar, postergar, prejuzgar, pringar, prodigar, prolongar, promulgar, propagar, prorrogar, purgar, rasgar, recargar, endrogarse
{{es-conj-ar}} adecuar
unstressed final u
anticuarse, apropincuarse, evacuar, menstruar
{{es-conj-ir (e-i)}}* pedir preconcebir, servir
{{es-conj-ar (e-ie)}} nevar acertar, pensar, precalentar, quebrar, recalentar
{{es-conj-er (e-ie)}}* perder entender
{{es-conj-er (placer)}} placer complacer
{{es-conj-er (poder)}} poder
{{es-conj-ar (go-güe)}} degollar regoldar, agorar
{{es-conj-er (poner)}} poner
{{es-conj-ducir}} producir conducir
{{es-conj-ir (i-í)}} prohibir cohibir
{{es-conj-ir (rehuir)}} rehuir
{{es-conj-er (querer)}} querer bienquerer, malquerer
{{es-conj-er (raer)}} raer
{{es-conj-eír}} reír sonreír, freír, desleír, engreír, sofreír
{{es-conj-ñir (e-i)}} reñir ceñir
{{es-conj-ir (u-ú)}} reunir
{{es-conj-er (roer)}} roer corroer
{{es-conj-er (haber)}} haber
{{es-conj-er (saber)}} saber
{{es-conj-car}}* sacar notificar, opacar, pacificar, pecar, pellizcar, perjudicar, personificar, pescar, petrificar, picar, pizcar, planificar, platicar, pontificar, practicar, predicar, pronosticar, provocar, publicar, purificar, radicar, ramificarse, rascar, ratificar, rebuscar, recalcar, tocar, empacarse
{{es-conj-ir (salir)}} salir sobresalir
{{es-conj-gar (o-ue)}} rogar colgar
{{es-conj-guir (e-i)}} seguir perseguir, proseguir, conseguir
{{es-conj-ir (e-ie-i)}}* pervertir preferir, presentir, proferir, sentir, hervir, sentirse
{{es-conj-er (ser)}} ser
{{es-conj-er (soler)}} soler
{{es-conj-ñer}} tañer atañer, empeller
{{es-conj-er (tener)}}* tener
{{es-conj-er (traer)}} traer extraer
{{es-conj-ar (o-ue)}} trocar volcar
{{es-conj-cir}} zurcir uncir, fruncir
{{es-conj-er (valer)}} valer prevalerse
{{es-conj-cer}} vencer mecer
{{es-conj-ir (venir)}}* venir
{{es-conj-iar-ar}} auxiliar
{{es-conj-car (i-í)}} ahincar
{{es-conj-gar (i-í)}} cabrahigar