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Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise.

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  • beam up (to teleport)
  • Borg (a fictional humanoid extraterrestrial race)
  • Church of Trek (a fictional church for fans of Star Trek)
  • dilithium (a fictional mineral)
  • Ferengi (a fictional humanoid extraterrestrial race with an ultra-capitalist culture)
  • Ferenginar (a fictional planet, homeworld of Ferengi)
  • Klingon (a fictional humanoid extraterrestrial race, or their language)
  • Klingonese (a language of the Klingon Empire)
  • Kronos (a fictional planet, homeworld of Klingons)
  • phaser (a fictional ray gun)
  • redshirt (an extra who wears a red shirt)
  • Rules of Acquisition (a set of maxims developed by Ferengi intended to ensure profitability in business affairs)
  • Starfleet (a fictional governmental organization)
  • Star Trek (the show as a whole, or only the first season)
  • transporter (a fictional teleporter device)
  • Trekker (fan of Star Trek)
  • Trekkie (fan of Star Trek)
  • USS (names Starfleet vessels)
  • Vulcan (a fictional planet; a race of aliens originating on that planet)


  • klingono (Klingon race)


  • Klingon (Klingon language)

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