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Typographical usage[edit]


  1. Indicates a mistake to be ignored, especially in handwriting as opposed to a computer.
    And then Moses Noah built his ark.
  2. Indicates text to be removed, as in when copying from a draft into the final version.
    Draft: Joe was a child, then a teenager and as an adult he worked selling cars.
    Final: Joe worked selling cars.
  3. (Internet slang, often humorous) Indicates text that is supposedly secret or unavailable for others to read.
    I'll respect your opinion, you can say whatever you want even though you're wrong.
  4. Indicates items in a list that were already dealt with, e.g., products in a grocery list that were already bought. See also: (checkmark).
    • 2003, Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill: Volume 1 (movie):
      Death List Five
      O-Ren Ishii
      Vernita Green


  • (indicates items dealt with): (checkmark)

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