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This is a list of common Zulu first names, with the meanings given. Zulu names, like most indigenous names in Southern Africa, are often given regarding the situation of the family when a child is born. For example, if the parents were aiming for three girls and have had three they may call their last daughter Zanele (they are enough — in this case, either the children (zanele izingane) or the girls (zanele izintombi)). If a baby is born after a storm, they may be called Nomvula (literally with the rain). The gender of the name is followed afterwards.

Amahle m or f — the beautiful ones

Anele m or f — the last born

Andile m or f — they have extended, the family is growing

Ayanda m or f — they augment (the family)

Ayize m or f — let it happen/come

Bandile m — they have extended in number

Bheka m — behold

Bhekizizwe m — look after the nations

Bhekithemba m — look after hope/look for hope

Bonginkosi m — thank the Lord

Bongani m — be thankful

Buyisiwe m — returned

Busisiwe f — blessed

Dingane m — one who is searching

Dingani m — what do you need

Duduzile f — consoled

Dumisani m — praise God

Dumisile m or f — they have praised

Gugu f — precious/treasure

Hlengiwe f — redeemed

Jabulani or in short Jabu m — rejoice

Jabulile f — she is happy

Khanyisilef — bringer of light,brought light

Khethiwe f — chosen, the one who is chosen

Kwanele m — it is enough

Kholwa m or f — believe

Lwazi m — knowledge; the one with knowledge

Lindelani m — wait

Lindiwe f — waited for

Lindokuhle m — wait for the best

Londisizwe m — protect/take care of the nation

Mandla m — power

Mandlenkosi m — power of God

Manelesi m — satisfier

Mbali f — (short for Mbalenhle) flower

Mbalenhle f —beautiful flower

Minenhle f — beautiful day

Mlungisi m — fixer

Mondli m — feeder

Mpendulo m — an answer

Mpilenhle m or f — prosperous life

Mpumelelo m — success Mqhele - crown Msizi m or f — helper

Mthandeni m or f — love him/her

Mthokozisi m — certifies

Muzikayise m — he who builds his father's home

Nandi f — sweet

Nathi m — short for Nkosinathi

Ndondoloza f — possibly meaning "I will guard" (from the prefix "ngo", meaning "I will" and the suffix "-londoloza", meaning "guard, keep, protect or preserve")

Ndumiso m — praise

Nelisiwe f — satisfied

Nhlakanipho m — wisdom

Njabulo m — happiness

Nkosinathi m — God is with us

Nkosingiphile f — the Lord gave me

Nkosiphendule m — God has answered

names beginning with No- are usually female

Nobuhle f — the beautiful one

Nobesuthu f

Nolwazi m or f — the one with knowledge

Nomathemba f — hope

Nomsa f — short for Nomusa

Nomusa f — with grace/kindness

Nomvula f — after the rain

Nomzamo f — struggle

Nondondoloza f — Charmaine

Nonhlanhla f — luck

Nonkululeko f — freedom

Nothembi f

Nozipho f — bearer of gifts Nqubeko - progress or continuity Ntokozo f — joy/happiness

Ntombi f — girl/woman

Ntombifuthi f — another girl

Ntombizanele f — enough girls

Ntombizodwa f — only girls

Ntombizonke f — all girls

Phila m — in good health (be well, singular)

Philani m — be well (plural)

Philangezwi m — live by the word of God (plural)

Philisiwe f — healed (plural)

Phumlani m — rest Qiniso - the truth Sakhile m — we have built

Samukelisiwe f — we have received e.g a gift.

Sandile m or f — we have increased

Sanele m — we are satified/have enough

S'bu m — short for Sibusiso

Sibongakonke m — we are thankful for everything

Sibongile f — we are thankful

Sibongiseni m — (you), be thankful with us

Siboniso m — being a leader

Sibusiso m — blessing

Sifiso m — wish/what we had wished for

Sihle m or f — short for Simosihle/Siphesihle. Sihle meaning mercy/compassion

Simangele f — surprise

Simangaliso m — miracle

Simosihle f — beautiful feeling

Simphiwe m or f — we have been given him/her

Sindisiwe f — saved

Sinegugu f — we have precious treasures

Sinethemba f — we have hope

Sinenhlanhla f — we have luck

Siphephelo f — refuge/place of peace

Siphelele m — we are complete

Siphesihle m — beautiful gift

Sipho m — gift

Siphokazi f — gift

Siphosethu m — our gift

Sithembiso m — a promise

Siyabonga m — we thank you

Siyanda m — we are increasing

Sizani f — you all help

Sizwe m — nation

Slindile f — we're waiting

Siphamandla m — give us strength

Thabo m — happiness

Thabisa f — bring joy

Thalente m — talent

Thamsanqa m — we have luck

Thandeka f — beloved

Thandiwe f — loved

Thando f or m — love

Themba m — trust, hope, faith

Thembeka f — be trustworthy

Thembisile f — promised

Thenjiwe f — the trusted one

Tholakele f — found

Thulani m — be still/quiet (used as a consolation, 'hush')

Thulisile f — she who made things quiet

Unathi m or f — s/he is with us

Vusumuzi m — builder of the home

Wandile m — you are extra

Xolisile f — (we are) sorry

Xolani m — you all have peace

Zama f — try

Zamokuhle f — try the good

Zandile f — they have multiplied

Zanele f — they are enough (whether just girls, or children in total) (see Zanele Mbeki)

Zithembe m — trust yourself

Zinhle f — (the girls) are good/beautiful

Zodwa f — short of Ntombizodwa

Zonke m or f — all

Zonkizizwe m or f — all nations

Ziphozonke m or f — all the gifts

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