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From Ares +‎ -an



  1. (rare) Of or relating to the god Ares.
    • 1979, Karelisa Hartigan, The Poets and the Cities: Selections from the Anthology about Greek Cities,[1] Hain, →ISBN, page 54:
      It is appealing to assume that the epigram was inspired by the statue itself. Probably the Arean weapons Aphrodite has donned include helmet, spear and shield but not the Apolline bow and arrow.
    • 1980, Carl Deroux, Studies in Latin literature and Roman history, volume 168, page 449:
      In addition to his possible exploitation of the sexual reversal occasionally found in Arean cult, we also find
    • 1989, Robert Lamberton, Homer the Theologian: Neoplatonist Allegorical Reading and the Growth of the Epic Tradition, quotation of Proclus translated from the Greek,
      ... and in bonding together the Arean and the Aphrodisian, he had taken the craft of Hephaestus as his model.
    • 2007, Dagonet Dewr, Sacred Paths for Modern Men, page 63:
      Ares is also associated with fire. [...] All the Arean desire [...]
  2. (rare) Of or relating to the planet Mars.
    • 1894 November 22, Giovanni Schiaparelli, “Schiaparelli on Mars”, in Nature, volume 51, number 1308, page 88:
      the temperature of the Arean climate, notwithstanding the greater distance of that planet from the Sun, is of the same order as the temperature of the terrestrial one
    • 1961, Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land:
      Photographs by the robot vehicle showed a land unattractive by human standards; her instruments confirmed the thinness and unsuitability of Arean atmosphere to human life.
    • 2003 July, Kage Baker, The Empress of Mars in Asimov's Science Fiction,
      So the British Arean Company had been formed, with suitably orchestrated media fanfare.

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