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Via French (which originally meant a pearl of irregular shape) from Portuguese barroco ‎(irregular pearl); related to Spanish barrueco and Italian barocco, of uncertain ultimate origin, but possibly from Latin verruca ‎(wart).


Rhymes: -ɒk, -əʊk


Baroque ‎(comparative more Baroque, superlative most Baroque)

  1. (art) From the Baroque period in visual art and music.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A period in western architecture from ca. 1600 to the middle of the eighteenth century, known for its abundance of decoration.
  2. A period in western art from ca. 1600 to the middle of the eighteenth century, characterized by drama, rich color, and dramatic contrast between light and shadow.
  3. A period in western music from ca. 1600 to ca. 1760, characterized by extensive use of counterpoint, basso-continuo, and extensive ornamentation.
  4. The chess variant invented in 1962 by mathematician Robert Abbott, or any of its descendants, where pieces move alike, but have differing methods of capture.

Derived terms[edit]


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