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From either Old English bēan (bean) or *beonet (bentgrass) + tūn (enclosure; settlement, town).

Proper noun[edit]

Benton (countable and uncountable, plural Bentons)

  1. A small village in Bratton Fleming parish, North Devon district, Devon, England (OS grid ref SS6536).
  2. A neighbourhood in the Metropolitan Borough of North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear, England (OS grid ref NZ2768).
  3. A number of places in the United States:
    1. A city, the county seat of Saline County, Arkansas.
    2. A census-designated place in Mono County, California.
    3. A city, the county seat of Franklin County, Illinois.
    4. A home rule city, the county seat of Marshall County, Kentucky.
    5. A town, the parish seat of Bossier Parish, Louisiana.
    6. A small city, the county seat of Scott County, Missouri.
    7. A town, the county seat of Polk County, Tennessee.
  4. A habitational surname from Old English.
  5. A male given name transferred from the surname.

Derived terms[edit]


  • According to the 2010 United States Census, Benton is the 912th most common surname in the United States, belonging to 37,912 individuals. Benton is most common among White (69.00%) and Black (24.95%) individuals.

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