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Proper noun[edit]

Brazilii (genitive Brazilijan, partitive Brazilijad)

  1. Brazil


Inflection of Brazilii
nominative sing. Brazilii
genitive sing. Brazilijan
partitive sing. Brazilijad
partitive plur.
singular plural
nominative Brazilii
accusative Brazilijan
genitive Brazilijan
partitive Brazilijad
essive-instructive Brazilijan
translative Brazilijaks
inessive Brazilijas
elative Brazilijaspäi
illative ?
adessive Brazilijal
ablative Brazilijalpäi
allative Brazilijale
abessive Brazilijata
comitative Brazilijanke
prolative Brazilijadme
approximative I Brazilijanno
approximative II Brazilijannoks
egressive Brazilijannopäi
terminative I ?
terminative II Brazilijalesai
terminative III Brazilijassai
additive I ?
additive II Brazilijalepäi