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Blend of casualty +‎ evacuation; compare MEDEVAC.



  1. The emergency patient evacuation of injured people (civilians or soldiers) from a combat zone.
    • 2001, Kent B. Pandolf, R. E. Burr, Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments, Volume 2, Office of the Surgeon General (US), page 1156,
      Rehearsal of representative CASEVACs is invaluable in refining both operating techniques with the CASEVAC assets and coordination with the receiving MTF.[Medical Treatment Facility]
    • 2011, Robby Carpenter, Shawn Carpenter, Ramiro Bujeiro, Force on Force: Modern Wargaming Rules, Ambush Alley Games, Osprey Publishing, page 53,
      If a force has CASEVAC assets available (medevac choppers, ambulances, an on-table aid station, etc.), then a unit may hand off its Casualties (and the associated penalties) by moving into contact with the CASEVAC asset.

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