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CNV (countable and uncountable, plural CNVs)

  1. (genetics) Initialism of copy-number variant, Initialism of copy number variation.
    • 2006, Lars Feuk, et al., "Structural variation in the human genome," Nature, 7:85.
      "During the past year alone, fast on the heels of two breakthrough studies, hundreds of submicroscopic copy-number variants (CNVs) and inversions have been described in the human genome."
    • 2006, Freeman et al., "Copy number variation: New insights into genome diversity" Genome Res 2006; 16: 949-61.
      "DNA copy number variation has long been associated with specific chromosomal rearrangements and genomic disorders, but its ubiquity in mammalian genomes was not fully realized until recently. Although our understanding of the extent of this variation is still developing, it seems likely that, at least in humans, copy number variants (CNVs) account for a substantial amount of genetic variation."
  2. (ophthalmology) Initialism of choroidal neovascularization.


  • National Geographic article "DNA varies more widely from person to person, Genetic maps reveal" published Novermber 22, 2006



Proper noun[edit]


  1. Initialism of Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond, The National Federation of Christian Trade Unions in the Netherlands