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  1. бӏаьрг
  2. ӏа
  3. цӏоькъалом
  4. ӏаж
  5. чӏара
  6. пӏелг
  7. агар
  8. аганчӏу
  9. хӏорд
  10. цӏокъберг
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  1. кхаара
  2. кӏиранде
  3. пӏераска
  4. иту
  5. зӏуга
  6. полла
  7. уьстагӏ
  8. заза
  9. тхов
  10. юьхь

Fundamental » All languages » Chechen » Entry maintenance » Terms with incomplete gender

Entries with Chechen terms that have missing or incomplete gender information.

For nouns (ce-noun), add the parameter g= followed by the singular and (optionally) plural genders; g=cjj will display as class jj.

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