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  1. work like a horse
  2. work one's fingers to the bone
  3. throw oneself into
  4. go for it
  5. leave no stone unturned
  6. pull out all the stops
  7. give it one's best shot
  8. give something a miss
  9. give something a go
  10. give something a try
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  1. extraordinarity
  2. up to now
  3. a tad
  4. the whole while
  5. a little bit
  6. real thing
  7. in a sense
  8. one or two
  9. throw oneself into
  10. as shit

English terms that are chiefly or always used in an affirmative sentence, and not with a negation.

These are the opposite of negative polarity items; see Category:English negative polarity items. See also Polarity items on Wikipedia.Wikipedia

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