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These entries use headers of the form X phrase: Noun phrase, Verb phrase, Adverb phrase, etc. These are deprecated in WT:POS but cannot be fixed automatically; a "Noun phrase" might properly be "Noun", "Phrase", or maybe "Idiom" or "Proverb". It might not even be a noun.

In addition, most English entries will probably need inflection templates.

Entries are placed here by {{rfc-xphrase|(header)}}, which does not have any visual appearance on the page; it is usually placed immediately after the header. Please don't put it on the end of the header line itself! User:AutoFormat places these tags. If you think it has tagged something incorrectly, please add a comment to User Talk:AutoFormat. Some headers at level 4 ("Derived phrase") may also appear here; they are errors, no standard header ends with " phrase".

In some cases AF may have "standardized" a header like "Phrasal verb" to "Verb phrase", and then placed it here. Look at the ruleset in the first table in User:AutoFormat/Headers to see what it is being told to do.

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