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This is a category for entries which have some format problem within a translation table using {{trans-top}}. Entries are tagged with {{rfc-tsort}} by User:KassadBot. If you don't understand this, don't worry about it.

Each line within a table should be one of:

  • a simple language name and translation (in each example the language name may be linked or unlinked)
* (language): (translation)
  • a subsidiary language name and translation, following a language name
*: (language): (translation)
  • some subsidiary qualifier and translation, following a language name
*: (qualifier): (translation)
  • a request for translation (language name not linked)
* {{trreq|(language)}}
{{trans-see|(other entry)}}

HTML comments for the table should only occur on the line(s) following {{trans-top}}, with each line a separate comment if more than one line is desired. Comments for a specific language should be on the end of that line.

Some cases are translations-to-be-checked in tables that do not use {{checktrans-top}}.

If anything gets tagged that you think shouldn't be, please note at User talk:KassadBot. The above is not in itself policy, but is common usage that KassadBot has been taught to understand.

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