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In Finnish, these particles are used as discourse markers, i.e. they are used in order to express emphasis, subjective views or impressions or, e.g., to give commands a different tone. In everyday speech, these particles may very often be used even if there were no intention to give some special message.

The particles are appended to the ends of the very first words of the clause. Note also that the particle -ko/-kö is mainly used in interrogative sentences.

  • These particles can also be appended to each other to give usually more specific messages. These are the most common combinations, others are very rarely used:
    • -ko + -han / - + -hän
    • -pa/- + -s
    • -pa + -han / - + hän
    • -han + -pa / -hän + - (more rarely)

Enclitics as well as possessive suffixes increase the number of possible inflections of a Finnish word. For example, there are 84 possible combinations of enclitics and possessive suffixes that can be appended to the word autoa.

autoa autoahan autoakaan autoakin autoako autoakinko autoakinkohan autoakohan autoakos autoapa autoapahan autoapas
autoani autoanihan autoanikaan autoanikin autoaniko autoanikinko autoanikinkohan autoanikohan autoanikos autoanipa autoanipahan autoanipas
autoasi autoasihan autoasikaan autoasikin autoasiko autoasikinko autoasikinkohan autoasikohan autoasikos autoasipa autoasipahan autoasipas
autoaan autoaanhan autoaankaan autoaankin autoaanko autoaankinko autoaankinkohan autoaankohan autoaankos autoaanpa autoapaanhan autoaanpas
autoansa autoansahan autoansakaan autoansakin autoansako autoansakinko autoansikinkohan autoansakohan autoansakos autoansapa autoapansahan autoansapas
autoamme autoammehan autoammekaan autoammekin autoammeko autoannekinko autoammekinkohan autoammekohan autoammekos autoammepa autoammepahan autoammepas
autoanne autoannehan autoannekaan autoannekin autoanneko autoannekinko autoannekinkohan autoannekohan autoannekos autoannepa autoannepahan autoannepas

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