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These verbs express that the action aimed towards the object of this verb is executed by another party that is told/ordered/persuaded/etc. to execute it. If that party is announced, it is in the adessive case.

Maalautin taulun taiteilijalla.
I had the painting painted by an artist. / I made an artist paint the painting.

Some verbs, such as panettaa, opettaa and koettaa, are strictly speaking factitive derivatives, but their meaning has diverged so much from the original verb by the action they express and from the factitive verb sense "have someone do something" that they should not be in this category.

In Finnish, this kind of verb is quite close in meaning with the causative verb. However, Finnish factitive verbs are derived from verbs with transitive meaning (hence, "to have something done by someone") and causative verbs from verbs with intransitive meaning (hence, "to cause someone/something to undergo something in him-/her-/itself").

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