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  1. bí ann
  2. tabhair aird
  3. tar slán
  4. faigh bás
  5. tabhair faoi deara
  6. deun
  7. feic
  8. clois
  9. abair
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  1. tabhair faoi deara
  2. tabhair réamhaisnéis
  3. tabhair ar
  4. téigh in ionad
  5. bí ann
  6. faigh bás
  7. tar slán
  8. tabhair aird
  9. deun
  10. dein

Fundamental » All languages » Irish » Lemmas » Verbs » Verbs by inflection type » Irregular verbs

Irish verbs that follow non-standard patterns of inflection.

For more information, see Appendix:Irish irregular verbs.


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