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This category contains citation pages (for example, "Citations:foo") containing citations from the English Wikipedia, where the actual entry page (for example, "foo") has not yet been created.

Please note that according to Wiktionary's attestation standards in its criteria for inclusion, Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites should not be used as sources for quotations.

Citation pages automatically disappear from this category when the corresponding main namespace entry is created. (Sometimes there may be a slight delay.)

This category is added by {{quote-wikipedia}}. In the past, the template {{cite wikipedia}} was added by a semi-automated run by Robert Ullmann, with the entries manually screened. Some words are missing forms of other words, including cases in which the forms have variant meanings (for example, throes has meanings other than being the plural of throe). Other entries are words that are neologisms, or are quite obscure or dubious, but the bogus ones have for the most part been screened out. Words from fictional universes are avoided, as they take a great deal of research to see if they have been used outside that universe (for example, ansible). If any entry here appears to have been misspelled or misused, please edit the Wikipedia article to correct it.

Any word here that is clearly wrong can simply be deleted (or tagged with {{delete}}), since the entry page has not yet been created. There is no need to send it to Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others.

This isn't a "cleanup" list, but a resource that can be mined for new entries.

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