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  • Outside educational or reference material (i.e. in a normal running text for adult native speakers), the letter “ё” is seldom used by native speakers and it's written as letter “е”, without the dots. It's still pronounced the same way as the form with ё. For example, лёгкий (ljóxkij) is commonly written “легкий (lexkij)”, although still pronounced as the former. Wiktionary follows the dictionary style with ё, but forms with е are also allowed as alternative spellings.
  • Terms with е instead of ё shouldn't have a word stress, adding a word stress with words containing "ё" is equivalent of writing ё in those words.
  • Entries for spellings of this sort should use {{ru-noun-alt-ё}}, {{ru-verb-alt-ё}}, {{ru-adj-alt-ё}} or {{ru-pos-alt-ё}} to format an entire entry.

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